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Helicopter Horizons

Doors Off Scenic Flights

Moments after departing Maun or Camp you’ll enjoy the breathtaking views seen only from a helicopter.

Experience the crystal clear water channels meandering their way through lagoons, journey deep into the lush green flood plains exploring some of the many animal species of the Okavango region. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that must not be missed.

We remove the doors from the helicopter for an even better photographic experience while flying over some of the most remote, uninhabited and wild areas of the Okavango Delta. Scenic flights are conducted any time of day, with keen photographers usually preferring the early morning or late afternoon. While some guests prefer flying during the siesta period in order to not miss other camp activities.

One hour, 45 minute and 30 minute flights are available.

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Camp & Lodge Transfers

"Private journeys throughout the delta"

Helicopter transfers are direct & private and operated at wildlife viewing height for potential sightings throughout the flight.

Guests are provided with headsets for constant communications with our very knowledgeable pilots to make sure that you have a guided experience.

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Filming and Photography

Helicopter Horizons provides a platform for specialized aerial photography and filming. We have worked with several international and local film crews including, National Geographic, NHFU, Disney, BBC and CNN. The Okavango Delta is a unique ecosystem that is one of the greatest destinations for wildlife, offering endless photographic and filming opportunities for amazing footage. Helicopter Horizons has access to platforms that make getting the great footage all the more easier. The helicopter offers a unique perspective and often an unobtrusive and fluid method of getting the great shots.

Whether you are a professional or an avid amateur photographer perfecting your hobby, this is a bucket list experience to capture the perfect shot of the Okavango Delta from a very unique perspective. Your knowledgeable pilot offers a guided experience making sure every vista and sighting is perfectly set up for the best shot. They will find and highlight the terrain’s greatest treasures through the completely unrestricted view guaranteed by removing the doors. With many of the Delta’s most remote areas not reachable in any other way, an aerial perspective is the ideal way to gaze onto the vast Delta and its meandering labyrinth of crystal-clear channels. First and last light, known as the golden hours, offer the best light conditions to capture the perfect photograph.

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Helicopter Safaris

Helicopter Horizons is the perfect complement to any Botswana Safari itinerary. We operate throughout Botswana from the seasonal floodplains and the permanent lagoons of the Okavango Delta, the spillways of the Linyanti Region, the plains of the Kalahari Game Reserve and the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi.

A Helicopter Horizons safari is an exclusive and personalised way to experience the best of Botswana. Our team of pilots are highly experienced and extremely passionate about sharing their love of the region with each and every guest on board.

A complete safari itinerary will include private transfers directly to your preferred lodges in the heart of the most remote areas of Botswana. Scenic flights throughout your itinerary will allow the helicopter to guide you through the most uninhabited areas, accessible only by helicopter and operated doors off, guaranteeing unrestricted views and the perfect setting for photography from an entirely unique perspective.

Your personalised helicopter safari will guarantee that you leave Botswana always wanting to return.

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Tsodilo Hills Experience

Four rocky hills, including Botswana’s highest point, jut strikingly out of the surrounding Kalahari Desert plains to form Tsodilo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the remote north-west of the country; a definite must- see for those seeking more than wildlife from their time in Botswana. Over 4 500 rock paintings, some dating back an estimated 26 000 years, adorn the marshmallow-coloured quartzite rocks. The hills are sacred to the San who utilised the caves and spring here until the late 20th century, while there is evidence of human activity here dating back some 100 000 years.

Arriving by helicopter saves a lengthy drive from Maun, allowing Tsodilo to become a fantastic half-day trip, giving guests time to fully appreciate the significance of the hills from the air, and enjoy the game viewing on the flights to and from the Delta or Linyanti.

Guests are accompanied by an unassuming and ever-smiling San guide who will explain the fascinating artwork, presenting a side to Botswana few tourists get to experience. The hike can be demanding, but the hills have an allure that is difficult to describe; perhaps they possess a draw that appeals to something within us all.

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Elephant Havens Experience

Elephant Havens is a non-profit organization working on the ground in Botswana to protect and preserve the African elephant. The orphanage rescues and hand-rears orphaned and abandoned baby elephants, with the goal of eventually releasing them back into the wild alongside other elephants. The organisation over and above works with communities to reduce conflict between villagers and elephants. Through education Elephant Havens hopes to instill an understanding of the importance of conservation and habitat protection in future generations.

Helicopter Horizons aim is to support Elephant Havens in a sustainable, non-evasive and ethical manner. As aerial specialists in the tourism industry, our goal is to offer clients the leisure they would expect from their safari experience but to also help support the environmental initiative to protect local species through conservation efforts. Helping remote sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centres, by using tourism as a platform to educate travellers on the importance of putting every animal’s protection first.

Our operations encompass the idea of nurturing an intimate relationship between travellers and wildlife in a way that every animal is respected.

In an ideal world there would be no animals in captivity, Helicopter Horizons is delighted to be supporting a genuine conservation organisation that’s main goal is rehabilitation and the total interest of animal welfare.

A visit to Elephant Havens with Helicopter Horizons includes return helicopter transfers, interaction with orphaned elephants, guided by informed and knowledgeable handlers, and a donation to the organisation. Guests are more than welcome to donate further in person.

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Conservation & Co-Existence Cultural Experience

This experience is the perfect compliment for any visitors to Botswana interested in conservation and culture. The experience combines a visit to two community coexistence projects located in one of the most remote parts of the Okavango Delta.

The first stop will showcase the work of CLAWS (Communities Living Among Wildlife Sustainably). Human & Wildlife conflict is a daily concern for many people living in the remote villages of the Okavango Delta. Farmers often lose livestock to predators such as lions. A herding program was established by CLAWS and is run by the community to reduce carnivore conflict and benefit livestock owners with veterinary assistance and improved rangelands. The experience includes a talk with the head herdsman of the project and a guided tour of the bomas used for confining and protecting cattle.

On arrival at our second project, guests will be taken on a two and a half hour tour with the ‘Life With Elephants’ tour group in the traditional Hambukushu village of Eretsha. The tour group was set up by the conservation NGO, Ecoexist in an effort to increase benefits coming back to communities that coexist with Elephants. Guests are guided on a tour of the village to experience all aspects of village life, including visiting the local school and a typical farmer household. After the tour, the day to day challenges of living amongst elephants are explained by village elders, followed by traditional song and dance. This unique experience offers a rare insight into remote village life in this part of Botswana, whilst showcasing how people strive to share space and resources with elephants. Ecoexist is facilitating and supporting new elephant-themed enterprises like this one as part of its strategy to promote coexistence between people and elephants.

These remote projects are accessible by helicopter whilst showcasing some of the most picturesque scenes of the panhandle enroute. Together we pride ourselves in offering an integrated, sustainable and people driven approach to empowering communities in Northern Botswana. By booking this experience both projects are able to carry on supporting such an important issue for both villagers & wildlife in Botswana.

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Champagne Experience

A champagne stop is possible on any scenic flight, your pilot will find a deserted palm island halfway through the flight. Once on the ground, champagne is popped for the guests to enjoy as they take in the views from the ground along with further information about the delta from the engaging pilot, an unforgettable experience mid-flight.

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Makgadikgadi Pans Experience

One of the largest Salt Pans in the world this dramatic landscape offers incredible scenes over the endless horizons. From approximately January through to April tens of thousands of Wildebeest and Zebra can be spotted during their annual migration.

Makgadikgadi is home to the famous Kubu Island, a granite outcrop of rock jutting out of the salt pans. Kubu island is a cultural icon in the heritage of the people of Botswana. The site is steeped in atmosphere of ceremonies and rites of passage of years gone by. The rocks and baobabs of Kubu look out over the vast salt flats that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

After the rains water can lap up against the shores of Kubu Island and spread out across the whole of Sua Pan, home to immense flocks of flamingos. From the air the pink carpet of flamingos moves and flutters as the birds constantly search the briny waters for food. A scenic over the flamingos of Sua Pan is truly a spectacle to witness.

The season for flamingos is January through June and is dependent on animal habits that cannot be guaranteed.

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