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Helicopter Horizons

  • Helicopter Scenic Flight over the Okavango Delta

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter scenic flight overlooking elephants in the Okavango Delta
  • Helicopter Sunset Scenic Flight

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter sunset scenic flight over the Okavango Delta
  • Okavango Panhandle Helicopter Scenic Flight

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter scenic flight overlooking the Okavango Panhandle
  • Helicopter Photographic Scenic Flight

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter photographic scenic flight over some zerbras in the Delta
  • Blue Skies, Green Grass And A Helicopter

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Incredible low flying in a helicopter over the Okavango Delta floodplains
  • Helicopter Aerial Shot Over Xigera Lagoon

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter flight over Xigera Lagoon
  • Helicopter Photographic Scenic Flight Close Up

    Credit: James Gifford
    Close up of photographic scenic helicopter flight
  • View From Inside Out

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Amazing open door scenic flights for an unrestricted view
  • Bird's Eye View of Crocodile From Helicopter

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter flight over a crocodile swimming in the Okavango Delta
  • Helicopter Transfer with Elephant In The Background

    Credit: Kyle de Nobrega
    Helicopter waiting for guest to arrive for a transfer with an elephant walking in the background
  • Beautiful Guest On A Helicopter Transfer

    Credit: James Gifford
    Guest on the ground on a helicopter transfer from camp to camp
  • Floodplain Shot With Helicopter

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter transfer from lodge to lodge over a massize floodplain in the Okavango Delta
  • Crystal Clear Waters Over Xigera Lagoon

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter transfer scenic flight over crystal clear waters
  • Shot Over Filming Crew Rigging Up Helicopter

    Credit: Shot Over
    Filming crew securing camera equipment on the Helicopter
  • View From Above On Buffalo

    Credit: James Gifford
    Aerial photo of a massive heard of buffalo
  • Flight On A Filming Helicopter

    Credit: Shot Over
    Helicopter with film camera to shoot amzing footage over the Okavango Delta
  • Giraffes On The Horizon

    Credit: James Gifford
    Photographic helicopter flight
  • Hippo In The Water

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter scenic flight flying over the river in the Delta
  • Time for A Private Lunch

    Credit: James Gifford
    Tailor made safaris with helicopter transfers to remote locations
  • Helcioter Overnight Safari

    Credit: James Gifford
    Mobile safaris with a private helicopter to take you remote locations
  • Vibrant Delta

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter flight over the vibrant and contrasting colours of the Okavango Delta
  • Tsodilo Hills From Above

    Credit: Danny Crous
    View from a helicopter of the world heritage site of Tsodilo Hills in Botswana
  • Winding Through The Panhandle

    Credit: James Gifford
    Helicopter scenic flight over the deep winding rivers of the Okavango Panhandle
  • Walk To The Top

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Guided walks and talks through the sacred grounds of the Tsodilo Hills
  • Tsodilo Hills Scenic

    Credit: Helicopter Horizons
    Helicopter scenic transfer around the Tsodilo Hills
  • Blue Skies, Green Grass and Giants

    Credit: Kyle de Nobrega
    Helicopter scenic flight over a heard of elephant in the Delta
  • Elephants On Approach

    Credit: Martin Harvey
    Elephant Havens is an orphanage for orphaned and abandoned baby elephants
  • Elephants Walk By Helicopter

    Credit: Helgardt Pretorius
    Elephants walking past the helicopter at Elephant Havens
  • Cattle, Bush and Helicopters

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Flights in and out of the remote communities in the Delta
  • Greetings In The Bush

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Being greeted on arrival to expeience the cultural side of conservation in the bush
  • Patterns From Above

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Chief herdsman talking to the guests and pilot about co-existence of wildlife and thier livelihoods
  • Co-Existence Chatter

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Herdsman talking on the confilt between cattle and wildlife in their community
  • Chilli Brick

    Credit: Life With Elephants
    A "chilli brick" is elephant dung burnt with chillis to detour elephants and is demostrated as part of the cutural tour
  • Song And Dance

    Credit: Life With Elephants
    After the tour, traditional singing and dancing is done by the community
  • Life With Elephants Interactive Show

    Credit: Life With Elephants
    Guests are encourage to join in on the festivities after the cultural experience followed by traditional song and dance
  • Musical Drums

    Credit: Life With Elephants
    During the cultural tours, communities members play traditional music
  • Craftsman At Work

    Credit: Life With Elephants
    The day to day challenges of living amongst elephants are explained by village elders
  • View From A Pilot and Guest

    Credit: `Reggie
    Views from above and possibly trying to find the perfect landing spot for a champagne stop
  • Time For A Quick Drinks Stop

    Credit: Reggie
    Taking in the breathtaking views on the ground as you sip on a drink mid flight
  • Sunset With A Champagne

    Credit: Reggie
    Soaking in the last rays of the sun on a sunset champagne stop before flying back to camp by helicopter
  • Elephants In View From Above

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Helicopter pilot spotting game from the air and share knowledge with thier passangers
  • The Vastness Of The Pans

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Touch down on the Makgadikgadi pans looking at the vast open area almost being otherworldly
  • Top Of The Rocks

    Credit: Danny Crous
    Kubu Island in the middle of the Salt Pans in Botswana surrounded by ancient baobab trees
  • As Far As The Eye Can See

    Credit: Martin Harvey
    Helicopter flight over the cracked earth of the dried salt pans
  • Zebra Stripes In The Green

    Credit: Martin Harvey
    view the large herds of Zebras migrating through the Makgadikgadi looking for water
  • Pink Flamingos

    Credit: Martin Harvey
    Flocks of flamingos living in the flooded vast area of the salt pans

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