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Safari Plains


The varied habitats on the Greater Mabula Game Reserve provide ideal conditions for an astounding selection of large mammals including the Big Five, other predators such as Brown Hyena and Jackal and Cheetah, and an impressive variety of antelope from Red Hartebeest to Eland, Gemsbok and Blesbok. That’s not to mention the elusive cheetah, cheeky honey badger and the omnipresent crèches of warthogs that flit across one’s path during your safari.

An early Morning safari around sunrise and afternoon Safari with sundowners are offered to lodge guests, and depending on the time of year you visit, each experience can be unique. Watch the vivid change of the seasons as the green thickets and grasslands give way to the bushveld greys and yellows of autumn.

See Impala, Zebra, Giraffe, and Ostrich all graze together on the vast open grassland plains; the herd of elephant crashing through thick bush to get to the juiciest leaves and a shy hippo pair hiding everything but their protruding nostrils under the water.

Admire the resident lion pride lazing under an African thorn tree after a tiring hunt or watch silently as the beautiful, yet terrifying, Golden Orb spider spins her thick web across two Silver Cluster Leaf trees.

Each safari drive will reveal new scents, curious sounds and the beauty of an authentic African landscape to delight your senses.

300 bird species
60 mammals
Big Five
Numerous plants, reptile and insect species
Qualified Guides conduct open vehicle safari in luxury land cruisers across the 12 000 hectare private reserve.

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Leaving from the lodge, Guides will accompany you on an experience that introduces you to Nature on an intimate level. Being on foot allows you to witness the detail of both Flora and Fauna on a different scale, often highlighting smaller and less familiar species. Guides are specifically qualified to undertake walking safaris and are well equipped to ensure safety.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and khaki coloured clothing to blend in with the natural environment. Bright colours are not permitted.

Departure time: 05h30 (summer) – 06h30 (winter)
Minimum Guests: 2
Maximum Guests: 8
Age restrictions: Below 16 years not permitted

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Horseback Safaris offer a different perspective for wildlife viewing. Benefit from the height and mobility offered from being mounted that sets this opportunity aside from other activities.

Experienced Guides ensure that riders are aware of the necessary safety precautions. Long trousers and closed shoes are recommended.

Departure Times Summer: 06h00 – 09h00 | 16h00
Departure Times Winter: 07h00 – 10h00 | 15h00
Length of the trail: 2 hours (1.5 hours on the trail, and a half an hour for induction)
Age restrictions: Below 5 years not permitted

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Participate in an adventure over interesting trails on a Quad Bike. With the emphasis on safety, guides ensure that participants are wearing the necessary safety gear before exploring the reserve. the safari is undertaken on 250cc Suzuki Quad bikes that can be driven in manual or automatic.

Departure Times Summer: 07h00, 10h00, 15h00 and 17h00
Departure Times Winter: 08h00, 11h00, 14h00 and 16h00
Frequency: 1.5 hours (1 hour on the trail, and a half an hour for induction), daily
Age restrictions: Below 5 years not permitted
These activities can be booked at reception at an additional charge.

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The Balloon Crew, consisting of the pilot and two crew members, will arrive at the Lodge the evening prior to the flight, meet the passengers and brief them on the following morning’s balloon safari. The flight lasts approximately one hour, starting at 06h00 at a suitable area selected on the reserve – the latter depending on the flight direction and meteorological conditions of the day. Our Rangers will transfer you back to the Lodge in time for breakfast.

The above includes your flight, champagne served during the flight and a certificate for “bravery”.

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Safari Plains

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