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Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

Ephemeral (Dry) River Drive

Marvel at the rich vegetation with the possibility to encounter desert adapted elephants in the dry Aba-Huab River valley. Our experienced field guides will take you on an exciting nature drive, filled with interesting facts pertaining to the area, its history and wildlife. Be on the lookout to spot birds of prey, antelope, fairy circles, Welwitchia Mirabilis and many other interesting geological formations. Our guides have an excellent record for tracking down herds of free roaming desert adapted elephants and will do their best to meet up with these magnificent giants. Ample time is allowed to take pictures and exchange information about endemic fauna and flora.

The nature drive returns over valleys of savannah, small dunes, the dry river bed and interesting geological formations. A stop at Welwitchia Hill allows guests to disembark the vehicle and enjoy a lovely sundowner in an unspoilt nature setting. Take as many pictures as you like of the sun setting across the desert-like savannah plains and distant mountains. This is Africa at its best.

After the sundowner, guests return to the lodge to freshen up and enjoy a delicious buffet dinner.

Guests are required to meet their guide at Reception 15 minutes prior to departure time for a meet and greet session. The guide will give a general introduction of the tour and highlight specific safety and environmental regulations that need to be adhered to. Guests are encouraged to make use of this opportunity to inform their guide of specific fields of interest such as photography, birding, animal behaviour, etc. The guide will structure the tour to focus on these areas of interest.

Departure time: 15h00

Included: Mineral water, soft drinks, beers and sparkling wine.
Duration: 3.5 – 4.0 hours

Guests are advised to have sufficient protection against the sun and to take warms clothes along during winter times.

Bookings can be made in advance, or at reception.

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Rock Engravings & Petroglyphs

A trip to the Rock engravings & paintings, The Burnt Mountain and The Organ Pipes accompanied by a resident guide. Many of the rock formations are the products of prehistoric volcanic action. Fascinating plants in the area include the Welwitschia Mirabilis, the Moringa and a variety of Commiphora species.

Rock engravings: The engravings have very few depictions of humans; by far the majority of the engravings at Twyfelfontein depict animals and their spoor. The rock engravings at Twyfelfontein revealed a deeper understanding of the world to the hunters and the gatherers that lived there in the past.

Organ Pipes: These masses of perpendicular dolerite pillars are located down the riverbed and formed by the intrusion of volcanic rock dolerite about 120 million years ago.

Burnt Mountain: Located a couple of kilometers from the Organ Pipes and visible from the road. The Karoo limestones which formed the mountain were deposited around 200 million years ago. About 120 million years ago, the same period the Organ Pipes were formed, volcanic lava intruded the limestones and metamorphism giving the mountain its distinctive colour.

Departure time: 08h00 (after breakfast)
Included: Mineral water & soft drinks
Duration: Approximately 3 hours

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The Living Museum of the Damara

1. Traditional Life in the village:
Experience the daily routine in a traditional museum, including traditional blacksmith (making of weapons and tools), tanning of leather (production of traditional clothes), jewellery and crafts, dancing, singing and traditional games, Holy Fire and fire making and more.

2. Bushwalk:
Follow us on a bushwalk where the women collect plants from the bush for food, perfume and medicine and where the men show you how to set up traps, snares and how they used to hunt in the old times.

3. Traditional Life & Bushwalk:
Combines programs 1 & 2 for the complete traditional Damara experience.

Children policy
0 - 2 yrs free of charge
3 - 12 yrs half price

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Guided Hiking Trails

Guided morning and afternoon hiking trails are available. During these trails you can encounter fascinating plants in the area, including the Welwitschia mirabilis, the Moringa and a variety of Commiphora species.

Morning trails will start 30 minutes before sunrise. Afternoon trails start approximately 1 hour before sunset to allow guests time to get back to the Lodge before dark.The duration of the walk will be determined by the guide, considering the speed and capabilities of each guest.

A minimum 2 guests & maximum 10 guests per guide.

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The Real Adam & Eve

This is a drive to the Adam & Eve Rock to view engravings and a small bushman painting before continuing to the Real Adam & Eve painting. The story behind the paintings & engravings will be explained by the guide.

Departure time: Mornings only - Please enquire at reception for the departure time.
Included: Mineral water & soft drinks
Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
Distance: 20km & then a 10 minute walk to the site & again 10 minute walk to the parking
Elevation: 12 meters

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