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Wilderness Magashi

Place: Perched on Magashi Peninsula, Wilderness Magashi looks out over scenic Lake Rwanyakazinga, towards the Mutumba Mountains in the west. Wilderness Magashi’s home is 6 000 exclusive-use hectares (14 826 acres) of Akagera National Park, like Rwanda itself, a miraculous story of survival and regeneration. Located in the country’s north-east, Akagera was devastated by the 1994 genocide and its aftermath, with a rise in poaching and returnees settling with their cattle on park land. Over the last ten years, the park has been significantly rehabilitated and today offers one of the most thrilling safari experiences in Africa.

Wildlife: Teeming with plains game, Akagera now also boasts a healthy population of lion, which were reintroduced into the park in 2015 after a 20-year absence. Black rhino were reintroduced in 2017, and white rhino in 2021. Guests have the opportunity to view a range of wildlife on expertly-guided game drives, and boating trips. On the peninsula’s western side, waterbuck, impala and warthog can often be seen grazing, while on the eastern flank, eland frequent the lakeshore. The shore itself offers views of hippo, large crocodiles and a chance of elephant bulls. Other sightings may include buffalo, giraffe, spotted hyaena, zebra, topi, roan, and eland – and often even the otherwise elusive leopard. The park features an impressive 520 species of birds.

Accommodation: The camp’s intimate, relaxed atmosphere is most welcome after a stay in the bustling capital, Kigali, or after a thrilling gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park. Earthy tones with hints of pink prevail, as does genuine Rwandan hospitality. Six spacious and airy tented guest accommodations offer uninterrupted views over Lake Rwanyakazinga. The main area comprises a luxurious lounge and dining area, bar and pool, as well as an expansive viewing deck with convivial fire pit. Wilderness Magashi’s warm and welcoming staff love sharing their traditional Kugisha supper with guests, accompanied by cattle-herding songs and stories.

Purpose: Wilderness Magashi was established in partnership with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and African Parks, affriming our commitment to pioneering sustainable and authentic conservation tourism in Rwanda. Our core Purpose here is to help conserve Rwanda’s last protected savannah ecosystem, and species like black rhino, as well as the rare and elusive shoebill. Furthermore, our presence in Akagera National Park will contribute towards enabling it to become economically self-sufficient for the first time.

Unique Selling Points

  • Ideal opportunity and superb in-country combination to an extraordinary gorilla experience while at Bisate Lodge with a spectacular savannah safari at Wilderness Magashi 
  • The only exclusive-use area in the Akagera National Park, allowing for private safaris facilitated by expert guides for Wilderness guests only
  • View East African specials, both birdlife and wildlife (the sought-after shoebill, topi and Defassa watercuk, Masai giraffes), from expertly-guided game drives or boating trips ("double decker" seating on the boats allow for higher elevation game viewing) 
  • Citizen Scientist – Guests are encouraged to join us in our purpose by becoming 'Citizen Scientists' participating in predator identikits and movement studies
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Wilderness Magashi

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