Day 1: Ibera Wetlands

Welcome to Posadas!!

Upon arrival at the airport, your transfer will be waiting to take you by 4x4 to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, in the province of Corrientes, one of the main portals of the Iberá Wetlands.  
Arrival at the Laguna Ibera, check-in and accommodation. Introductory talk and visit to the Interpretation Center of the Iberá Nature Reserve. This relaxing and informative walk begins at the recently opened Interpretation Center, which also offers a self-guided museum. This visit introduces the transformation process experienced in the area. Through for example, testimonies of those settlers who formerly dedicated themselves to hunting as the only form of subsistence, they currently contribute all their knowledge to the protection of fauna in their roles as Park Rangers. After the visit, the guide begins the interpretive walk through the trails of the carayá monkeys. The main objective is the sighting of this emblematic species of the area, also called howler monkeys, there are great possibilities of spotting specimens moving in family groups. The gallery forest is also home to other species, such as some of the 360 ​​varieties of birds, corzuelas and carpinchos, and others.
Duration approximately 2 hs.
Local naturalist guide.

Dinner at the lodge.



* Transfer from Posadas airport to the Laguna Ibera - Casa de Esteros in the  Ibera Wetlands.

* Introductory talk and visit to the interpretation center.

* Dinner at the lodge (without drinks)

Day 2: Ibera Wetlands

After breakfast, you will take two photographic boat safaris:

Through the wetlands and the IBERÁ lagoon, with incredible approaches to the alligators, carpinchos, swamp deer, river wolves and birds. During the walks you will be able to appreciate all these animals coexisting and interacting in perfect harmony in their unaltered natural habitat.

The Intense greens of the varied vegetation are mixed with the brightness of the lagoon and majestic skies. The route also allows you to appreciate huge extensions of reservoirs, formations made up of a complex interweaving of vegetation, originated from an accumulation of Camalotes on which the wind deposits large amounts of dust, until forming the characteristic floating islands. The departures are scheduled in the morning and in the afternoon, depending on the circuit enabled by the park and reserve authorities and are subject to weather conditions. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and is led by a local naturalist guide.

Return in the afternoon. Dinner at the lodge.


* Breakfast, lunch or dinner (no drinks) 

* Photographic boat safaris through the wetlands

Day 3: Ibera Wetlands

After breakfast, you will take a horseback ride to the palm groves:

The horse is a symbol of Correntino culture, a gaucho on his horse is a highly valued postcard around the world. This experience is one of the most remembered and commented on among adults, youth and children; riding at a stride between palm groves of Caranday and Native forests or galloping across the open country towards the wetlands, is without a doubt an unforgettable adventure.

Approximate duration 2 hours. Local baqueano guide.

Dinner at the lodge.



* Breakfast, lunch or dinner (no drinks)

* Horseback ride to the palm groves

Day 4: El Soberbio

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini / Posadas - 204 km – Provincial Route 40/41 y National Route 12.  Mostly gravel, RN12  paved road. 

Posadas/ Oberá/ The Tea Route - 113 km - 1 h 50 min x National Route 12 – Provincial Route 103 – National Route 14  

After breakfast, you will leave very early by 4x4 to the City of Posadas, where you will take your rental car to head to Oberá, on a scenic route that will surprise you. Along the way you can visit the Tea Route, in Oberá, to live the “Tea Day” experience, which consists of a guided tour of the tea plantations to learn about the history of the place and all the details about its elaboration, harvesting your own green tea leaves and enjoying a regional table designed by the best local chefs. And to end the visit, you will taste different types of homemade teas. Duration of the activity:  5 h  - Schedule from 11:00 a.m. to  4:30 p.m.

The Tea Route / El Soberbio / Moconá - 190 km - 2 h 40 min x RP103 and RP2

You will continue your way to your next destination: The Moconá Provincial Park and the Yaboty Biosphere Reserve. You will arrive at the lodge at sunset to check-in and rest after a long but intense journey.

Dinner at the lodge.


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Activities and Services


* Breakfast at the lodge

* Rental car for 3 days with pick-up Posadas/drop-off Puerto Iguazu, free mileage and basic insurance with excess.

* Tea Day along the Tea Route (Oberá) with lunch. 

Day 5: El Soberbio

Breakfast at the hotel.

After the Iguazú Falls, the Moconá Falls constitute the most imposing and spectacular natural attraction in the Province of Misiones. Located within the Yabotí Natural Reserve, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in the 1990s, this unique geological fault in the world, longitudinally fractures the Uruguay River bed, forming a three-kilometer-long step of continuous jumps that, depending on the height of the river it can reach up to 20 meters high.
The boats leave from the mouth of the Paraíso River, as well as from El Soberbio, navigating the Uruguay River, and reaching its climax when the boat enters the channel where the waterfalls drop their water output. From this position, you can feel and appreciate the power of a unique natural spectacle.
You will enjoy a day full of excitement!! On the way back to the lodge, you can go on walks through the rain forest or during the warmer months, swim in the Paraíso River, take a kayak excursion through the Yabotí Stream or dare to zip line or rappel through the jungle.


* Breakfast at the lodge

* Navigation along the Uruguay River and the Moconá Falls


Day 6: Puerto Iguazu

Moconá / El Soberbio / Puerto Iguazú - 327 km - 4 h 40 min -  paved x RP2 / RP13 / RP11 / RN12

After breakfast you will embark on a journey to your next destination: The Iguazu Falls!

Misiones has one and a half million hectares under Sustainable Management, divided into more than 70 Protected Natural Areas that seek to preserve the fifth most threatened forest in the world: The Misiones Rain Forest (La Selva Misionera). Today you will cross part of The Jungle Route (La Ruta de la Selva), an ecotourism path that invites you to travel through the heart of the ecoregion with the greatest biodiversity in Argentina and experience the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Misiones.

During the tour, you will be able to enjoy the following experiences:

  • Enjoy full contact with the mystical Misiones Guaraní Rain Forest (Selva Misionera Guaraní) in the various Protected Natural Areas.
  • Get to know numerous waterfalls, which coexist with the great diversity and richness that the Misiones Rain Forest contains.
  • Interact with indigenous cultures, appreciating their construction, hunting and fishing techniques, as well as the handicrafts typical of their identity.
  • Get to know the cultural diversity generated by different colonizing currents of immigrants and taste authentic local flavors in the many small towns that you will pass through on the way.

You will arrive in Puerto Iguazú in the afternoon and return your rental car.



*  Breakfast at the lodge


Day 7: Puerto Iguazu

Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will visit the highlights of the province of Misiones, which are undoubtedly the famous Iguazú Falls, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature. With more than 250 waterfalls and surrounded by the rainforest of Argentina and Brazil, they make up the closest contact with nature in its maximum splendor. Located in the heart of the Iguazú National Park, the falls stretch for 2.7 kilometers and have an average height of 80m. Its various waterfalls contribute to the 5,000 cubic meters of water that fall per second providing a majestic spectacle. The largest and most famous waterfall in the park is The Devil´s Throat (La Garganta del Diablo). 
The national park has a system of well-defined walkways that literally float a few inches above the water and lead to the cusp of the falls, allowing you to be surrounded by huge curtains of water and wrapped in the mist that rises from the base. The boat rides that go up the Lower Iguazú River canyon are not to be missed, dodging 2 km of its rapids to reach the very base of the falls. Very exciting!! The park also protects the Paranaense Rain Forest which is home to more than eighty different species of mammals, a fabulous variety of butterflies and birds, including the friendly toucans.


Activities and Services


* Breakfast at the hotel

* Full day tour of the Argentine side of the Iguazú Falls



* Ingreso al Parque Nacional Iguazú

Day 8: End of Itinerary

Breakfast at the hotel. At the agreed time you will be picked up and taken to the airport to board your flight back home.



* Breakfast at the hotel

* Transfer from the hotel to Puerto Iguazú (IGR) airport 

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