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Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge


Arusha Coffee Lodge - Tanzania - Elewana Collection

Lying on the gentling rolling foothills that cascade down from the ever-present Mount Meru is the bustling and vibrant town of Arusha. It is here on the outskirts of this town, hidden amongst one of Tanzania's largest coffee plantations, that you will find Arusha Coffee Lodge, a perfect haven for relaxation either before or after any African safari.

Trader's Walk

A collection of shopping boutiques and eating places located on the Arusha Coffee Lodge premises.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Tour at Arusha Coffee Lodge

Take a guided stroll through the coffee-laden bushes of Arusha Coffee Lodge's grounds., and learn how the humble coffee bean is transformed into the world famous Tanzanian ground coffee.

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Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge

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