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Shiduli Private Game Lodge

Little Paws - Tracker 101

All adventures start with the first step and the first step to having fun for any child at Karongwe Portfolio is to experience our pure fun little paws Programme. We are proud to launch our little paws Programme
which is full of fun interactive activities ranging from:
- hair braiding
- face painting
- board games
- children's foot spa
- goodie bags
- children's veggie garden
- cookie making
- pizza making
- bubbles
- clay making paw's
- tracker 101

Karongwe Portfolio prides itself in giving any child the best safari experience imaginable whilst enjoying their stay at any of our incredible lodges with the greatest service by all members of staff

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Spa Facilities

Shiduli Relaxation Center -
African Awakening - Drawing inspiration from the Marula tree and the African traditional healing beliefs, an ultra relax indulgent full body massage.

African Vigour -
A warm aroma blend infused with circulatory boosting essential oils is coupled with a deep tissue massage relieving deep seated tension all the way to the core of the muscle.

Body Exfoliation -
Our cleansing preparatory body scrubs are made with 100 % natural blend of plant botanicals to gently and effectively eliminate dead skin cells.
Body Wrap -
To commence this sensory journey you will receive a full body exfoliation, followed by herbal fusion back and legs massage.

TheraNaka essential oils -
Influenced by nature and focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin.

Hand Massage - Ideal for hard working hands experience the healing touch.
Foot Massage - The soulful journey will take your feet through a geranium and pine sugar exfoliation
whilst soaking in a herbal bath.

African Wood Massage - Mimicking the rhythmical patterns of an African dance, the TheraNaka signature massage blendsight stretching techniques and specially designed body and facial wooden implements to relax and restore the weary body.

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Helicopter flights

Enjoy an absolutely and unforgettable thrilling experience with 40 minute flight through the famous Olifants River Gorge.

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Relax in the bush with a soulful meditative yoga experience Ubuntu Yoga which gentle African flavored practice. The fee also contributes to Ubuntu Yoga Project at Nourish Eco Village . ( Nourish NPO)

to help train promising local candidates and help them earn their certification.

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Beacon rock views

Celebrate the magnificent view of the lowveld from the top of the highest outcrop on Karongwe with a short climb accompanied by a guide. Enjoy a sundowner with the backdrop of the Drakensberg mountains whilst soaking in the 360 view of the huge stretch of the valley whilst sipping on your favourite refreshment and picnic snacks.

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Tree Planting for the community

Leave your legacy in Africa and plant a tree in our local community or donate a tree.

A t-shirt is given to you complimentary with every tree donated and leave knowing that you have made a positive contribution to the environment. Choose between a fruit tree and indigenous tree.

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Star Gazing

Enjoy a relaxing time under the bright beautiful African Sky reclining in a hammock while learning about the night sky, In summer Orion and his dog Sirius can be seen chasing Taurus and Pleiades a cross the sky. In winter Scorpio and Corvus the crow is visible along with the ever present southern cross, Magellanic clouds and the coal sack. With planets making appearances at certain times of the year, the rings around Saturn, the many moon of Jupiter visible through good binoculars.

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Interactive cooking

Take pleasure in interactive cooking lessons of traditional South African cuisine with our local chefs and get to test your cooking skills afterwards. Choose between African and Traditional Afrikaans cuisine.

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Traditional evening dinners

Make memories with your partner of friends while enjoying a unique traditional Shangaan African Dinner. Cuisine in particular gives us distinct glimpse of culture and it's people. This fun filled experience will leave you with new appreciation of cultural diversity which goes hand in hand with the whole experience and understanding of the beautiful Shangaan culture.

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Visit to the local community

Experience our local community with a visit to our near by village. This tour allows you to see how the local people live, their culture and day to day program. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with children at grass roots level and generally a very enriching experience.

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Bush Walk

An Educational Walk concentrating on the Fauna and Flora within the Karongwe Reserve

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Game Drives

Morning and Afternoon Game Drives within the Karongwe Game Reserve

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Photographic half day workshop

Photographic half day workshop - 4 hours broken down into 1 hour and 45 minute lessons. Each section will include a short guided practical session and time for questions.

Lessons breakdown:

- introductions

- camera basics

- camera settings

- camera gear

- phone and photography

- types of composition

-making of an image

- building a colour style

- programs and where to start

- editing on your phone

- Lightroom

- Editing on Camera

Workbooks will be handed out to take notes with

Each lesson will be recorded and sent to participants

Access to a WhatsApp group

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4 Hour anti-poaching walk

Take up the opportunity to experience a once in a life time - first hand anti-poaching excursion on foot with an anti-poaching specialist. Learn about the tracking methods and more about the plight of poaching of our precious wildlife. This experience will leave you with a clearer understanding and unforgettable memory.

A walk with Karongwe Private Game Reserve's anti-poaching team is like taking a step into a completely different world. This is not just a walk through the bush. You can walk through the bush while being aware of not just the wild animals but also of the so called "kill zones" possible "ambush zones" and escape zones and escape routes. You become aware of where a possible poacher might be waiting in the darkness. You also become aware of where to walk and where not to. You really exposed to how real this war for conservation really is. Even though this walk is filled with the dangers of not only the nature but also the poacher you definitely find a sense of safety with the experience of the anti-poaching team.

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