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The Patagonia Base Camp

The Patagonian BaseCamp offers quite simply the best fishing that we have yet discovered in Chile. 

From bonefish style fishing on a crystal clear lake to floating down some of the most beautiful rivers on the planet, fishing for territorial and aggressive trout, this lodge has it all. The style of fishing is as varied as the options.  If the weather is cooperating, you can fish size 2 dry flies whilst drifting down a riverbank or you can find yourself casting dragon fly style patterns to lakeside reeds whilst watching trout hurl themselves out of the water to snatch your offering before it has even touched the water.

Non fishers are encouraged and there is a full programme in place from horse riding, whale watching on the coast, an in house yoga specialist as well as simply joining the rods on the river for a day float.  There have been many arguments over the dining room table with each protagonist proclaiming their day better than everyone else’s.

If you like catching wild fish on a dry fly, in fabulous scenery, in the knowledge that there is hardly a soul within a 100 miles of you, whilst being looked after like a king then Patagonian BaseCamp is an option that you ought to consider.

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The Patagonia Base Camp

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