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Damaraland Camp


Damaraland Camp, north-west Namibia

Damaraland Camp in the Huab River Valley, north-west Namibia is a shining example of the 4Cs -- Commerce, Conservation, Community and Culture. It is renowned for being the first genuinely successful Namibian joint venture between the community (Torra Conservancy) and private sector (Wilderness Safaris). Experience sensational desert views, unique desert-adapted wildlife, authentic community visits and warm Namibian hospitality - all from the luxury of Damaraland Camp.

Damaraland Camp and the Torra Conservancy - pioneering community partnerships

Damaraland Camp and the Torra Conservancy are proof that when ecotourism and local communities join forces, the result is tangible benefit for people, a change in attitudes and an increase in wildlife numbers. We were the first safari operator to create an equity joint venture with a rural Namibian community. The result: increased employment, higher standards of living and increased wildlife.

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Damaraland Camp

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