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Chem Chem Lodge


Chem Chem Safari Lodge - Tanzania

Chem Chem Lodge is situated within a privileged Wildlife Management Area between Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara known as the Burunge Wildlife Management Area. The Lodge itself can be found nestled on the picturesque western side of the wildlife concession and consists of eight secluded tent-style suites with an opulent main Lodge house, all evoking the spirit of a vintage safari lodge. The permanent structure of the Lodge's main house reflects the form of a flamingo with its wings spread wide for landing. One wing holds the full service gourmet restaurant and an outside fire place, the other wing offers a bar, lounge, fire place and fully stocked library. The Lodge also boasts a viewing deck with awe-inspiring views over Lake Manyara. Outside, a pool is hidden in the trees to cool off in and escape from the afternoon heat and the Chem Chem Amani Spa offers a new meaning to utter relaxation.

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Experience Chem Chem Safaris. "When you come out to discover this place make sure that you do not rush through it – it is not by the quantity you discover Tanzania but by the moments you live. Make sure you have moments where you sit down, put your feet on the ground and connect with the African wilderness" Chem Chem Wildlife Concession is the embodiment Fabia Bausch and Nicolas Negre’s deep passion for Africa and its natural heritage. With 20 000 hectares (55 000 acres) of untainted African bush, the concession protects an invaluable migration corridor between the ancient landscape of Tarangire National Park and the tranquil waters of Lake Manyara National Park – giving guests the freedom of a private concession, with the majestic wildlife of the National Parks. It is the perfect place to connect with the rolling wilderness around you and to enjoy an authentic Tanzanian wilderness experience. Chem Chem Safaris offer secluded, elegant tent-style accommodation at two impressively appointed sites: Chem Chem Lodge and Little Chem Chem. Both sites are designed to evoke the spirit, luxury and intimacy of a vintage safari.

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