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Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve


It has to be seen to believe such a place exists!

Imagine a place that has a canopy of stars that stretch out above a canvas of majestic mountains. A place that adopts the pace of nature and is surrounded by untouched scenery. A place that’s a truly unique and special destination to escape to…

An absolutely unique bucket list experience at Kagga Kamma!

Explore this unique gem with us as we virtually take you on a tour through the unique accommodation, rich nature and breath-taking wilderness and landscapes that are home to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in the Cederberg

Experience the rugged, natural beauty of Kagga Kamma and its surroundings...

Sleep in a Cave or in the Open Air...

Join in the Pasella team's footsteps and spend a night or two at one of the most unique Lodges in the World.

The wonders of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Fiona reporting for iloveafrica.com visited Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve in July and shared her Kagga Kamma story and experience.

Kagga Kamma Wedding

Start your forever together amidst the scenic natural beauty, dramatic rock formations and picturesque backdrop of the beautiful Cederberg Mountain Range at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.