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Lake Manze Tented Camp


Lake Manze Camp

LAKE MANZE - Experience adventure! Keep it natural! Feel the thrills of having an elephant eating Doum palm seeds right outside your tent. Hear the sound of its rumbling stomach and see how tender a mother is to her calf. We have so much to learn from our animal friends, teachings that can help us create a better world. We keep everything as it was before we arrived and this is why animals use the camp as much as our guests. Experience this magical, romantic camp on the shore of the Lake Manze with stunning lake views from your own verandah. Experience the sunrise on a walking safari. Enjoy a delicious picnic bush breakfast or lunch during your game drive as you spot lions and wild dogs. Take a fishing trip on the lake. Get close and personal with hippos and crocodiles and thousands of exotic birds on a sunset boat safari. Delight in a sumptuous candlelight dinner on the lakeshore to the symphony of the surrounding. You’ll never want to leave!

Lake Manze and Selous Game Reserve


Essential Destinations - Manze - Wild Friends


Essential Destinations - Selous G.R. - Lake Manze Wild Dogs

Lake Manze Tented Camp December 2014 most exciting sighting: after a stormy night some of our guests woke up to the sight of a pack of 15 Wild Dogs taking down a big male impala in front of tent 4. Unfortunately the wild dogs got weary of the onlookers and ran off after having only eaten half of their impala but they were seen again later that morning on the game drives and the had killed another impala. Unfortunately they didn’t have much better luck with that kill as it was stolen from them by some hyenas. In the video some individual in greetings ritual and submission display.

Essential Destinations - Lake Manze - Walkabout by Kalisti Paul Guide

July 2017, Selous G.R.: on every travelers mind and lips are the elusive Lions. We are quite fortunate at Lake Manze Camp that there are various prides scattered throughout the area that are spotted on regular occasions that give fantastic photo opportunities to all our guests. The variety of antics is what encapsulates them. Lazing on their backs, pedicure on a tree or the long treks to find food. Your camera is the one that captures these amazing animals into prosperity.

Essential Destinations - Lake Manze - Reverse gear by Kalisti Paul

Selous G.R, September 2017: Elephants are the fertilizers of Africa, distributing the seeds of many a flora around the savannahs and plains. Without these gentle giants and their distribution our landscapes could be so different. We pay homage for their relentless work in keeping their part of the eco systems flourishing.

Essential Destinations - Lake Manze - Malachite kingfisher

Selous G. R., October 2017: the lake is still very low giving guests a fantastic experience with the boat safari with plentiful crocodiles, hippos and thousands of birds.

Essential Destinations - Lake Manze - Elephants close up by Kalisti Paul Guide

July 2017, Selous G.R.: a large herd of Elephant with their many new young have been through the camp a couple of times and seem to frequent Lake Manze regularly. Nice to see the population growth is on the rise.

Essential Destinations - Lake Manze - Lioness calling by guide Zacharia Mligo

Selous, February 2017: the Manze pride was seen next to the main road after gorging themselves on a Kudu while on their trek back the Lake Manze. Special to see how the mother gives the young cubs the duty of preparing the meal before the feast. It seems they still have a lot to learn including the art of patience. In this video the mother lion calling.

Essential Destinations - Lake Manze - Hippo drinking from the bird bath

Selous, February 2017: Our large hippo friends are normally found in the Lake as they laze about in pods with their extended families. One late afternoon this hippo came to visit us in camp as it slowly ambled up to the bird bath for drink. One of those right place, right time moments.

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Lake Manze Tented Camp

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