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Fugitives' Drift Lodge

  • The Boma at the Lodge

    Fugitives' Drift Lodge boma and dining area
  • The Lodge Dining Room

    Credit: Christian Sperka
  • Giraffe and Isandlwana

    Credit: David Rattray
    Giraffe and Isandlwana
  • Fugitives' Drift Lodge Room

  • Isandlwana at Sunrise

    The graves at Isandlwana
  • Douglas Rattray at Isandlwana

    Douglas Rattray telling stories from the battle of Isandlwana
  • Douglas Rattray at Rorke's Drift Battlefield

    Credit: Daisy Pharoah
  • Fugitives' Drift Lodge Room

    Credit: Justin Sullivan
  • Fugitives' Drift Lodge

    Credit: Justin Sullivan
    Sunsets from your Verandah
  • Fugitives' Drift Lodge Dining Deck

  • Impala on the Fugitives' Drift Game Reserve

    Impala on the Fugitives' Drift game reserve
  • Lodge room

  • Lodge bathroom

  • Sitting room

  • Hardford library

  • Isandlwana battelfield

  • Lodge

  • Rorkes Drift battelfields tour

  • Wreath Laying at Rorke's Drift

  • The Lodge Sitting Room

    Credit: Christian Sperka

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Fugitives' Drift Lodge

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