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Eolo Patagonia's Spirit

  • Argentinean map

    Credit: EOLO
    Map of Argentina. El Calafate is located in the Southwest of the country in the province of Santa Cruz
  • Lake Argentino map & sourrandings

    Credit: EOLO
    EOLO’s location, El Calafate airport and the town are to the right of the image
  • The property

    Credit: EOLO
    Welcome to our property
  • Entrance to the hotel

    Credit: EOLO
    Let’s get inside the hotel
  • Main living room

    Credit: EOLO
    Main living room where we receive our guests
  • Main living room view

    Credit: EOLO
    Main living room looking out the steppe
  • Charming & elegant restaurant

    Credit: EOLO
    Restaurant, service of excellence
  • Other relax room, the library

    Credit: EOLO
    Here is our library, relax and enjoy the view
  • Yoga area

    Credit: EOLO
    Yoga area
  • Relax area

    Credit: EOLO
    Relax area
  • Outdoor activity

    Credit: EOLO
    Horseback riding, main activity within the property
  • Perito Moreno glacier

    Credit: EOLO
    Los Glaciares National Park, Perito Moreno glacier, main attraction in the area
  • Kayak, one of the tours in the National Park

    Credit: EOLO
    Los Glaciares National Park, kayak across the icebergs
  • Minitrekking over the glacier

    Credit: EOLO
    Los Glaciares National Park, trekking on the ice. One of the main excursions in the area
  • Boat trips

    Credit: EOLO
    Navigations to explore other hidden glaciers in the National Park
  • EOLO, snow in autumn

    Credit: EOLO
    Autumn in EOLO, March & April in Argentina
  • Fitz Roy mountain

    Credit: EOLO
    Fitz Roy mountain
  • Upsala Glacier

    Credit: EOLO
    Estancia Cristina, view of the Upsala Glacier
  • The team

    Credit: EOLO
    EOLO´S family

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