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  • About CasaMolle..

    17 hectares, covered by the cleanest skies in the world and surrounded by rivers and vegetation. With a Par 3 Golf course.
  • Moments

    We propose activities in a magical, entertaining and unforgettable environment
  • Disconnect ...

    In a magical place
  • Discover ..

    Gardering and design
  • Gastronomy

    We prepare exquisite dishes with organic ingredients from our own garden. And at the same time we respect food and religious restrictions.
  • We propose ..

    Activities in a magical, entertaining and unforgettable environment.
  • Wellness..

    Large spa, which includes a beauty salon, 2 massage rooms, 2 rooms with aromatic tubs, sauna and heated pool.
  • More than a place ..

    We invite you to inhabit a sequence of sensations, emotions, gestures and moments that will live with us forever.
  • We promise ...

    Great memories
  • Elqui Valley

  • Under the cleanest skies

  • We promise great memories

  • Architecture

    The architecture of CasaMolle is a combination of constructions such as the highlands with low and wide adobe walls, creating small environments within a large space such as citadels, pyramidal reed roofs, a material present in our surroundings, as well as tar which We use for our closings, boundaries and the stone used in paths and some walls. The architecture of the hotel was based mainly on rescuing the existing resources in the place such as reeds, tar, stone, maicillo and adobe, taking into account the climatic conditions and making the most of its rich soils creating orchards, various gardens with endless native species, fruit trees, cacti and succulents, thus achieving an identity with their environment
  • Amphitheater

    We are mainly inspired by our landscapes, surroundings and valley, rescuing their colors, textures and shapes to achieve mimicry and be part of it. The millenary Molle culture has also been a source of inspiration when designing our lanterns, doors, signs and especially our amphitheater which is a scale replica of a Molle vessel. It is set inside with woven blankets from the north of our country,
  • Elqui Valley

    Under the same star

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