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Sanctuary Luang Prabang Hotel

Cooking Class

Half Day Private Cooking Session.

Our chef and his team will bring you to the Phousy market, where you will learn to choose the ingredients, and then cook yourself the regional dishes. The lesson ends by a degustation of the homemade dishes.

Prior booking notice is mandatory. Service open to inside and outside guests.
Min 2 pax - Max 4 pax

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Chang Movie & Traditional Sindat

Screening of "Chang, Lao jungle life in 1925" every evening at 6:30 pm.

The open-air garden cinema suggests the first film that describes life in the jungle of Southeast Asia, it's wildlife and the Lao way of life in a hostile environment. It is also one of the first documentaries to incorporate a narrative story with an aesthetic preoccupation, probably inspired by Kipling's "The Jungle Book."

During the movie you can also treat yourself to a Lao BBQ" Sindat.

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Massage & Spa

If you are sore from hiking, need to distress after a long flight, or just need an escape to relax, this experience is perfect for you. Pamper yourself as you unwind with this massage and spa experience. Select the perfect massage for you with 10 different options to choose from:

- Traditional Lao Massage - 60 Minutes
- Traditional Lao Massage with Oil - 60 Minutes
- Body Scrub Therapy - 60 Minute
- 60-Minute Body Scrub Therapy + 30 Minute - Lao Massage
- Foot Massage - 60 Minutes
- Natural Herbal Foot Soak - 30 Minutes
- Herbal Steam Massage - 60 Minutes
- Facial Mask - 30 Minutes
- Back, Shoulder, and Head Massage - 45 or 60 Minutes
- Facial Massage - 60 Minutes

- Receive top grade service in a heritage setting
- Spa area located in a traditional outside sala
- Use of quality and trustable products during massages
- With 10 different options to choose from.

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Traditional Dance Show & Dinner

Performance given on our platform on the lotus pond for guests to enjoy from our outdoor terrace.

The shows reflects Lao people’s way of life and their cultural heritage, starting by a welcome ceremony (Houay Pon), followed by a 14th Century court dance (Nang Keo), a rice harvest celebration dance (Khmu Bamboo Dance), and a fashion show depicting traditional and contemporary Lao fashion.

Notes: A 1 hour show starting at 7.30pm: 6 dances accompanied by 5 non- stop playing musicians including one set dinner per person

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