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Estancia Cristina

A unique lodge in the world, in a remote and unexplored valley of Patagonia, guarded by mountains, lakes and the majestic Upsala Glacier.

The estancia is located in the heart of the National Park; more than 100 years has gone after its foundation, and its access is still exclusively by boat, navigating the turquoise waters of the North Arm of Lake Argentino ending finally on the Cristina Channel.

Located in a glacial valley, it offers virgin and wild lands; native flora and fauna; natural viewpoints in the mountains and unique glacial lakes, which can be accessed by exploring, hiking and horseback riding.

20 strategically well distributed rooms offer the possibility of living and feeling what Patagonia is like.

Our aim is to transmit the history of the Estancia, which is part of the history of Patagonia, sharing the love and the care of such privileged scenery.

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