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Serian's Serengeti South

Serian’s Serengeti is a mobile camp, and from mid-December to May, it's set up on the southernmost extreme of the Serengeti’s short grass plains: prime position to spectate the wildebeest birthing season. Dramatic savannah storms sweep in nourishment and new life, and an innate primordial urge pulls the wildebeest to the site of their origins to reproduce. The plains literally come to life for the birthing season. Millions of gnus and zebra dominate the landscape, looking for the fresh green grass that follows the first rains – and to give birth to their young. This part of the world is remarkable for its sheer mind-boggling immensity: think unending savannah, massive vaulted skies – and 2 million wildebeest giving birth to 400,000 calves within a period of 3 to 4 weeks. It’s vastness and numbers on a scale that stretches the boundaries of the imagination. Ancient trails weave the migration past and through the camp. Given the sheer multitude of plains game and their brand new babies, the big cats are never far behind for an easy meal: this is especially prime cheetah country, and there is ample opportunity to watch these impressive predators in action. Birthing season aside, the camp has access to a million acres of a stunning acacia-dotted conservation area – an incredible environment for exploring. Just south is Lake Eyasi: home to Serian's Hadzabe and Ndorobo guides, who have centuries of bush craft at their fingertips. Being among these people and their ways is one of the best things about this spot: they can open your eyes to the secrets of this beautiful space.

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Serian's Serengeti South

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