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The Itinerary builder

  • Produce content-rich, interactive itineraries that inspire travel
  • Increase conversions with your engaging presentations
  • Access centralised travel content easily to include in your sales
  • Impress travelers with mobile -friendly itineraries

Content management system

  • Easy access to centralised travel content to include in your sales
  • Core content that is easily customisable
  • Built for collaboration between suppliers, agents, and DMCs
  • Supplier content available 24/7

Brochures that can be rebranded

  • Add your own logo to thousands of Supplier iBrochures
  • Market consistently with your Itineraries and re-branded iBrochures
  • Create branded Digital Catalogues for distribution
  • Offer a better service with your supplier recommendations

Offline itinerary app

  • Place essential info and messaging options where needed during travel
  • Offer travellers convenient mobile access on any smartphone
  • Make trip info, updates, maps, and documents available on/offline
  • Download the app from the Google Play Store and the App Store

Travel software integrations

  • Integrate seamlessly with other travel software programmes
  • Combine content distribution with rate management
  • Generate professional proposals without duplicating work
  • Provide a superior sales experience and convert more business

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How Wetu helps the trade

Wetu has successfully added an unrivalled level of engagement to our itinerary offerings. Our clients love the ease of navigation & the mobile itineraries have really been well received. We love the customisable features that ensure our unique stamp is ever present.


…it is easy to use, easy to open the itinerary, everything in 1 place. Show your professionalism…give your client a lot of information about their trip. So, start using Wetu now.