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Our Jaguar Tracks tour is designed especially for adventurous travelers who want to explore deep into the Ecuadorian primary jungle, be in contact with nature, and feel totally disconnected from modern life. One of the highlights of this trip is the rare chance to camp with the famous Huaorani tribe, and share unique experiences with them.

  • Spot diverse wildlife often including giant otters, pink dolphins, caiman alligators, snakes, monkeys, and many bird species
  • Immerse yourself in the Huaorani tribe community, learning about their fascinating way of life & traditions, and meeting the local shaman healer
  • Hike into untouched primary rainforest forest in the Yasuni National Park
  • Learn how the Huaorani use blowguns to hunt
  • Fish for piranha and search for anaconda snakes in the lagoon
  • Jaguars do prowl this area of forest, so with extreme luck, you make see one, if not hopefully you can find some tracks in the mud
  • Discover medicinal jungle plants and their uses.

Short Itinerary:

  • DAY 1 : Early land transfer to the town of Shell, followed by a small plane flight (1 hour) to Bohanamo. Meet the Huaorani tribe, set-up camp, and introduction to the chief.
  • DAY 2 : Morning forest hike to the animal clay lick where fauna often gathers to eat the minerals. You will also learn about medicinal uses for rainforest plants. In the afternoon learn how to hunt with a blowgun, and fish for piranha.
  • DAY 3 : Short hike to a lagoon to search for anaconda snakes. Afternoon visit to Kempery, the Huaorani shaman medicine man. Night walk to observe nocturnal species, and appreciate the sounds as the jungle comes alive.
  • DAY 4 : Morning hike through the primary forest with a Huaorani warrior to learn survival skills, spot wildlife, and hopefully find tracks left by a jaguar. In the evening we search for caiman alligators.
  • DAY 5 : After breakfast we return to Shell in a small aircraft, and to Quito by land.


Accommodation and Destinations

FB+ 2 nights Days 1 - 3
FB+ 2 nights Days 3 - 5


FB+: Full Board Plus - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast, Lunch and Activities


Fast Facts

Fast Facts

5 Days / 4 Nights

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