Guatemala - Pacific Fins Resort & Marina



Days 1 - 5

As the heartland of Central America, Guatemala offers travellers a remarkable range of impressive historical, natural and cultural sights. The Maya ruins are undoubtedly the highlight of these attractions, most notably Tikal, a designated archaeological UNESCO World Heritage Site which is so remarkable as to defy belief. Maya communities continue to thrive in the lush Guatemalan rainforests where their traditional cultural and religious practices have combined with colonial traditions and modern Latin and North American influences to form a fascinatingly rich hybrid culture. Sacred Pagan temples are located alongside extravagant colonial architecture and traditional markets co-exist alongside massive state-of-the art shopping complexes. Despite its small size, Guatemala is a surprisingly geographically diverse country. From the verdant jungle-clad lowland areas to the highlands dotted with towering mountains and an abundance of volcanoes, there is plenty to keep nature enthusiasts blissfully engaged. With its warm and welcoming locals, its ancient cultural heritage and its breathtaking natural attractions, Guatemala never ceases to amaze.

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