Ilha de Mozambique

Days 1 - 5

Off Mozambique’s northern shores lies one of the country’s lesser known travel treasures - Ilha de Mozambique. In the 17th century, this small island served as a trading post controlled by colonialist powers. The ruling Portuguese bartered gold, ivory and, most significantly, slaves for silk, spices and other exotic goods. Much of the historical architecture from this era remains today and as a result, Ilha de Mozambique was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1991. Stone Town is the island’s historical quarter, where you can wander past ancient forts, churches and mansions still elegant though weathered by the centuries. Makuti town is the modern part of the island, where you can get an authentic sense of how the residents of today live. Visit vibrant markets where the air is redolent of chilli and spices, and brightly coloured traditional fabrics paint a vivid backdrop to the comings and goings. The coastline is absolutely beautiful - fringed with secluded sand beaches where you can swim or snorkel in warm turquoise waters amidst brightly coloured tropical fish.


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Ilha de Mozambique
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