Day 1: Lima

Upon arrival to Lima's airport, meet with your guide and transfer to your hotel. 


Activities and Services

Lima city tour

Day 2: Lima

Morning Culinary tour of Lima with local chef. A great way to learn from Peruvian gastronomy, Lima is considered as the Gastronomic Capital of South America, it has a lot to offer when it comes to food and we offer a tour that will get you to enjoy and taste delicious Peruvian dishes made with native Peruvian products. The tour starts with the most extensive fruit tasting in Lima, you will be able to taste more than 35 fruits all grown in Peru, and then you will start your cooking experience at the chef’s house, where he will show you how to make ceviche and will introduce you to other traditional Peruvian meals.

In the afternoon, you will embark on a guided city tour of Lima’s historic downtown, beginning with a visit to the Main Plaza and the surrounding monuments:  the Cathedral, built in 1534 and an architectural masterpiece; the Presidential Palace, where the soldiers guarding the palace offer an excellent photo opportunity; the Archbishop’s Palace, City Hall, the Desamparados train station, and the Moorish-style houses and balconies along Lima’s old streets.

After your trip to the historic centre, you will be driven through modern Lima to visit the residential districts of San Isidro and Miraflores where you will enjoy a panoramic visit of Huaca Pucllana archaeological site.

Dinner at  Huaca Pucclana restaurant. 

After dinner, return to the hotel. 

Huaca Pucllana, Lima Huaca Pucllana. Lima Huaca Pucllana, Lima

Activities and Services

Culinary Tour

Day 3: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Breakfast in your hotel. 

Transfer to Lima's airport for your flight to Cusco.

Upon arrival, you will be met by your guide and will be transfered to the Sacred Valley.

En route, visit to Awanacancha, which is a weaving center with the goal to keep alive the traditional textile arts. Here you can see four members of the cameloid family - llama, alpacas, vicunas and guanacos; learn about the harvesting of the different wools and the natural dying techniques and have a chance to see native weavers from different areas showing their different weaving styles and dresses.

Then, you will visit Pisac, a Peruvian village full of color and tradition in the Sacred Valley on the Urubamba River. The village is well-known for its colorful traditional market, an event which attracts travelers from all over the world.

Lunch at Wayra Restaurant 

Rest of the afternoon at leisure

Pisac Market Pisac Market

Activities and Services

Awanacancha Camelid farm

Day 4: The Sacred Valley of the Incas

Breakfast in your hotel. 

Morning visit to the Archaeological Complex of Ollantaytambo.

Considered a monumental work of Inca architecture, it was a military, religious, administrative and agricultural complex, highlights the main temple, partially destroyed where you can see the front stone canvas formed by pieces perfectly assembled. Ollantaytambo was an important administrative center that probably also fulfilled military functions, as its walls and turrets show. Likewise, there are traces of ancient roads and aqueducts. The town of Ollantaytambo is called "Pueblo Inca Vivo", because its inhabitants maintain very old customs and practices.

After your tour, you will enjoy the preparation of the traditional "Pachamanca" for your lunch. This is a unique opportunity to savor the roots of the Andean culture, you will witness and optionally participate of the burial of this millenary lunch in our stone oven underground. During cooking, a tour of an organic garden will be carried out, coffee and roasting will be discussed, also a local distillery will be visited, then to witness the exile of the food and then go to the country dining room of our organic farm, which is located in an Inca terrace with a wonderful view of the archaeological complex of Ollantaytamb to enjoy your lunch. 

After lunch, on our way to Moray, we will make a short stop in a local Brewery - Cerveceria del Valle Sagrado (Sacred Valley Brewing) for a beer tasting.

Continue with our tour to the Terraces of Moray and  Maras pans

At first glance it appears to be a kind of amphitheater, but in fact it was an agricultural experimental center corresponding to the Pre Inca and Inca times, formed by hills, natural depressions of various dimensions where concentric platforms, artificial plains, canals, aqueducts and two reservoirs of water located in the upper part of the complex.

Later we visited, the salt mines of Maras, whose exploitation starter on the Inca's period. The villagers channel the saline water that emanates from the ground - from a waterhole called "Qoripujio" - towards pools in which, due to the effects of the sun, it evaporates, leaving on the surface the salt that is then treated for sale in the local market. The view of the set of approximately three thousand pools is spectacular. The villagers show visitors their ancestral techniques.


Activities and Services

Destileria andina


Day 5: Machu Picchu Pueblo

Breakfast in your hotel

Transfer to the train station to take the Vistadome train to Aguas Calientes.

Arrival and transfer to bus station.

Visit to Machu Picchu, the impressive Inca citadel located 113 Km. from Cusco at 2400 meters above sea level. This complex has several stone constructions that leave the tourist breathless because of the amazing design. Accompanied by your guide, explore the city's ruins, and feel its pulse as you visualize the lives of the priests, craftsmen, and servants who inhabited this seemingly uninhabitable citadel. Excavations at the site have revealed skeletons, artifacts and woolen clothing, but no gold. The same precision of assembled stones exists here as in other Incan sites. Overlooking the raging Urubamba River and discovered in a hidden tangle of vines and trees atop the mountain, the city of Machu Picchu will forever hold the secret of its destruction - the Incas left no written record.

Lunch at Sanctuary Lodge restaurant.

*Private guide will return to Cusco in the afternoon.

*You have free of cost activities included in your overnight. Please check with front desk. 

Activities and Services

Day 6: Cusco

Day 6 Machupicchu - Cusco

This morning, you will have a second visit on your account to the Machu Picchu complex. Second entrance fee and bus round trip are included. 

Lunch on your account.

Return to Aguas Calientes for your train to return to Cusco.

Upon arrival to Cusco, you will be transfered to your hotel. 

Day 7: Cusco

Breakfast in your hotel.

Morning tour of Cusco our guide will find us at the hotel to take us to know the most interesting places in the city. We will visit the cathedral, where we will contemplate the extent to which the complexity of miscegenation arrived, manifested even in Catholic artistic expressions. Then we will go to the temple of the sun, which, according to tradition, was once entirely plated with gold plates. Finally we are transported to the outskirts of Cusco where we visit the nearby ruins, an impressive architectural legacy of the Inca culture.

Lunch at Pachapapa Restaurant- Cusqueña kitchen.

At mid afternoon we will start a cocktail tour, touring three Cusco restaurants accompanied and led by a bartender with which we will prepare cocktails author and enjoying the atmosphere that each room offers for your guests.


Activities and Services

Coctel Tour

Day 8: Cusco

Day 8 Cusco

Morning Culinary experience in Cusco. The experience starts with a visit to the traditional open air San Pedro market, here you will  learn about our regions culinary history and the unique ingredients, later you will learn to cook exotic, delicious and healthy dishes with Red Quinoa, Yellow aji and other ingredients that are a distinct part of our culture and heritage, but easy to find anywhere in the world. the sophisticated, but easy to preapare dishes let you experience rich Peruvian flavors while providing you the expetise to demonstrateyour new cooking skills back home. You will take recipes home for the two dishes you prepare, in additions to our famous Peruvian pisco sour cocktail. 

*San Pedro Market visits are at the moment on stand by due to the Covid-19, but as soon as the authorities approve the visits, they will start again. 

Afternoon at your leisure

Dinner show with typical dances, The Tunupa Restaurant, will give you the opportunity to appreciate the local music and dances, enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.


Exterior Patio Chaple

Activities and Services

Tour gastronomico Oropesa

Dance Show Tunupa

Day 9: End of Itinerary

Day 9 Cusco - Lima - Your final destination

Transfer from your hotel to Velasco Astete Airport in Cusco to board the flight to Lima

Arrival to Lima to connect with the trip to your final destination. 

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