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About Conservation Safari Company

Conservation Safari Company is a leading experiential travel company, that has been designing personalized safaris to Southern and East Africa for over ten years. We are a small, passionate, owner-managed travel agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We travel regularly and stay in touch with experts on the ground, keeping us up to date on what the best destinations are, and how to maximise your experience.

We also manage the entire safari from arrival to departure and make sure that each connection and arrangement is seamless, so that you can relax and enjoy every minute, safely.


Everything we do revolves around our belief that travel should be comprised of incredible and memorable experiences. In addition, we wholly support conservation travel and a portion of funds from every trip booked with us goes to protecting wildlife and environments. We also carefully select safari providers who are actively protecting environments and caring for local communities - to ensure the future of wildlife and tourism.

With our extensive knowledge of parks, reserves, safari camps and experiences, and the ultimate in personalized service, you simply won't find a superior African safari! Travelling in Africa is expensive and we endeavour to make every cent well spent.

We are proud to say that our business has grown through referrals from our clients and we look forward to hearing from you!

Terms and Conditions

Conservation Safari Company Terms and Conditions


Once you have approved the itinerary and costings we make a reservation with the safari providers. This often requires juggling of dates and shifting of the order of camps/activities to make it all fit together.


From when the reservation is made a 25 - 50% deposit (depending on providers) is usually required to secure the booking, within 14 days. For all flights a full payment is required of the estimated fee. After the deposit is received, we then go ahead and pay the relevant safari operators their deposits and book flights, transfers and make other detailed arrangements.

Deposits are non-refundable so it is important to make your plans when you are 100% committed to traveling. The deposit policies are not set by us but by the various providers - in the safari industry these are fairly standard across the board. Travelers are booking travel more than a year in advance to ensure they can get into the highly desirable lodges and thus they require the deposit to sort out the committed travelers. Travel insurance should be obtained which covers trip cancellation and this is the best security against a cancellation with a valid reason.

Final Payment

Final payment to providers is usually due a minimum of 60 days prior to travel, in which case we need to receive the funds at least 70 days prior to travel.


Flights are booked as a service to our clients, we bill you exactly what we get billed. In the quoting process we use average online pricing and in most cases the actual purchase from our airline suppliers is lower and we pass on this saving to you.

Payment Methods

Invoices are either in local currencies like Rands (South Africa) or Namibian Dollars or for most other countries in US Dollars. The invoice currency depends on where the bulk of the travel takes place. You can be sure that all travelers wanting to capitalise on strong currencies in their favour will be able to do so, which is often why we will keep the invoice in local currency where possible.

Payments in local currency (Rands or Namibian Dollars) can be made by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Bank Transfer is the cheapest method and takes a few days for the funds to make their way through the bank systems. Credit Cards are welcome and are the fastest and safest means of payment. Payments can be made in a combination of both methods.

Credit Card payments are processed through a secure third party gateway called Paygate - we do not see or handle any of your credit card details or information but as soon as the transaction is processed we get notified. We can accept payments from VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

US Dollar payments are accepted by Bank Transfer, on some accasions we will accept a Credit Card payment for a US Dollar invoice.


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