About Indigo Safaris

Tailor-made safari holidays from the experts. We are small, with a sales team of three, but we pride ourselves on in-depth knowledge and the ability to match the right place to the right person. Owner Christopher Bartlett has been visiting Africa since 1998. He is an internationally published photojournalist, qualified field guide and dive leader. He has lived and worked in South Africa and Tanzania, and spends three to four months a year on the old continent, guiding, exploring, and checking out suppliers and service providers. The rest of the year he leads diving and cultural expeditions to Papua New Guinea, the Caribbean, and Indonesia, and promotes the business at shows in the USA and Europe.

Ines has been creating African trips for most of her adult life, since the age of 22. With over a decade of experience working for mid-range and luxury travel agencies in Germany and London. She joined Indigo Safaris in 2016 to make more use of her talents in creating tailor-made trips. An avid diver, she loves the underwater splendours of Zanzibar, Mozambique, and Madagascar. 

Matthew O'Brien joined us in 2019. Formerly a guide in Namibia and Botswana, and native to South Africa, his southern Africa safari knowledge is exemplary. Matthew loves to write and share his passion in his contact with clients. Antonio in our Mozambique office helps with admin and marketing. 

Why book with Indigo Safaris?

We provide impartial expert advice for free

  • Christopher is a qualified guide and tour leader with 15 years’ experience
  • Ines has over a decade of Africa travel and sales experience 
  • Matthew is a qualified guide and has 6 years of Africa travel and sales experience 

We save you money

  • With special offers, with only one company to pay,  with bank accounts in 5 currencies

Unparalleled first-hand knowledge

  • We have visited the vast majority of the properties we send our clients to
  • We have been to every reserve and national park we promote
  • We have thoroughly vetted every service provider we use
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