About SafariScapes / SA and USA

At SafariScapes we are curators of bespoke travel experiences and we invite you to explore Africa in ways both unimaginable and unprecedented. 

We specialise in travel to nine countries in Africa, but owning our own airplanes means that we can certainly travel beyond these. 

With our insider knowledge of Southern and East Africa's most exclusive destinations and our passion for the continent we are able to deliver unique African experiences.

Whether its landscapes of immense beauty you’re craving, close encounters with the wildlife that call these places home, or private activities you will never forget, the entire process starts and ends with us.

International and local travel, luxury accommodation and customised requests are meticulously attended to and personal assistance is always on hand.




  • Nic Turpin: +27  72 434 1971
  • Peter Hammond: +27 78 648 9350
  • Caroline Henning: +27 84 251 1 500


  • Nick Lamon +1(817) 247 7870
  • Shelby Lamon +1(817) 480 4999


Terms and Conditions

SafariScapes / SA and USA Terms and Conditions

*Please note that no Covid tests are included in the pricing. These are for the responsibility of the individual traveller

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