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Playa Vik Hotel

  • Fire pit, fish bbq and and La Mansa view

    Crédito: Playa Vik
    Guests will indulge their senses at Playa Vik with the signature fish BBQ and three course meals overlooking the southern Atlantic with views down the Playa Mansa beach to Punta del Este and to the fishing boats next door where the chef chose the fish earlier every morning.
  • Casa Ebano

    Crédito: Playa Vik
    one of the three bedroom Casas with private patio, living room and fireplace.
  • Fuerteventura Suite

    Crédito: Playa Vik
    One of the Suites located at the Sculpture building. Direct ocean view.
  • Playa Vik swimming pool

    Crédito: Playa Vik
    75 foot cantilevered black Absolute Nero granite pool lit with south hemisphere constellations.
  • Crédito: Playa Vik
  • Bedroom at Casa Mar

    Crédito: Playa Vik
  • Playa Vik Sculpture

    Crédito: Playa Vik
  • Playa Vik Casas and La Mansa Beach

    Crédito: Playa Vik
  • Sculpture and houses view

    Crédito: Playa Vik
    World’s Best Design Hotels, among many others.
  • Valentina Suite at Playa Vik Sculpture

    Crédito: Playa Vik

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Playa Vik Hotel

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