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African Bush Camps Somalisa Camp


Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Somalisa in the Green Season, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Somalisa in the Green Season, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

African Bush Camps Features on Top Billing

African Bush Camps Features on Top Billing

Authentic African Safaris - African Bush Camps

If you are in search of unique wildlife encounters, thirst for adventure and want a Safari rich with African wildlife and culture, then you have found the ideal safari partner. African Bush Camps offers you a variety of exclusive safari camps to fit today’s modern traveller. Whether it be on the mighty Zambezi River, in the Okavango Delta or soaring over the Linyanti Marsh, we invite you to join us for an incredible and memorable journey.

Up Close Elephant Encounters at Somalisa Camp

A unique experience of Elephants at Somalisa Camp in Hwange National Park Zimbabwe. The Elephants frequenting this area of the park have habituated to drinking daily from the freshly pumped water in the plunge pool in front of Somalisa Camp.

Somalisa Camp Receives new 'Sail Tents'


The Adams family can't get enough of Somalisa Camp

The Adams Family have visited Somalisa Camp eight times! The make a point of showing friends and family that visit from abroad the 'Somalisa Experience'. "Every season presents a pretty amazing, different experience with the animals, the nature and the colours" - Brad Adams, Father.

Cecil at Somalisa Camp

Cecil the Lion resided on the concession at Somalisa Camp, Hwange National Park. This video footage was taken in January 2015, before his tragic passing in July. May his roar live on in our memories forever and be a catalyst for positive change to assist in protecting his kind into the future. To assist in our endeavours to protect all lions in and around Hwange National Park, please kindly support the Lion Conservation & Wildlife Fund (http://www.lcwf.org/)

Cecil's Lion Cubs & Females alive & well - African Bush Camps

Guests on a game drive with African Bush Camps - Authentic Safaris were treated with a sighting of Cecil's cubs who are alive and well with the females of the pride.

Somalisa Opening Highlights

We are delighted to share with all our friends, colleagues and supporters, the highlights from the recent Official Somalisa Re-Opening Ceremony which took place in Hwange National Park on 8th January 2015. We were privileged to share the experience with a number of delegates and VIPs including the Honorable Minister of Tourism, Dr Walter Mzembi and his wife, who officially opened the camps and have labelled Somalisa as “Home”.

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African Bush Camps Somalisa Camp

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