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Singita Kwitonda Lodge


Singita Volcanoes National Park

Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House strive to embody the gentle, regenerative spirit of Rwanda, and will provide a contemplative, nurturing space in which to appreciate the transformative, often spiritual, experience of coming face to face with the forest’s gentle giants. The presence of Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House on the park border will also help to improve the function of the buffer area between agricultural plots and the habitat of the estimated 320 mountain gorillas that find sanctuary here.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Set in Rwanda’s northwestern reaches, right on the edge of Volcanoes National Park, Singita Kwitonda Lodge’s unparalleled position puts life-changing gorilla-trekking experiences within easy reach.

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Singita Kwitonda Lodge

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