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Olakira Migration Camp (Jun - Nov)


Stargazing at Olakira Camp, Asilia Africa

Whilst Olakira is known for its superb locations during the Migration, the camp has one more surprise that awaits you – our brand new stargazing tents. Olakira’s tents have been perfectly designed so that a portion of the tent boasts a 270-degree view from beneath a meshed net, offering you an outdoor experience whilst still remaining indoors. Our stargazing tents allow you the flexibility to roll your bed into the meshed area for a magical experience of sleeping beneath the stars. With the galaxies glittering above you while you dream about the day’s adventures – it truly is an experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Great Migration - Northern Serengeti, Asilia Africa

Take a look at what The Great Migration with Asilia Africa is like in the Northern Serengeti - Our three Mobile Migration Camps are located in the perfect position. Even Sayari Camp, as well as Rekero Camp in the Mara, get to be a part of the action, too!

Experience Olakira Camp, Asilia Africa

Immerse yourself in the Great Migration at Olakira Migration Camp. You’ll feel the earth vibrate during winter crossings of the brave wildebeest as they face the mighty rivers in the north, or be moved by the mass summer calving on the south’s grassy plains.

Our People - Olakira Camp, Asilia Africa

Our biggest joy is that the work we do brings opportunity, success, and stability to the local East African people who are a part of our Asilia Family.

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Olakira Migration Camp (Jun - Nov)

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