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GOLD Restaurant


GOLD Restaurant | The Story Behind Our Menu

Africa is the second largest land mass on earth and home to hundreds of tribes, ethnic and social groups. This diversity is reflected in our cuisine. We have been unpacking our sensational 14-dish menu for the Summer Season. Here is a sneak into the story behind the new menu we serve

GOLD Restaurant | Interactive Djembe Drumming

Feel the heartbeat of Africa with our pre-dinner interactive djembe drumming session every evening at 18:30 until 19:00. It is a fun precursor to dinner and can be enjoyed by young and old.

GOLD Restaurant | Entertainment

Guests at GOLD Restaurant cannot help but be swept up in the excitement of archetypal African stories told through our live entertainment.

GOLD Restaurant | Mali Puppets

The Bamana people of Mali believe masks and puppets are intermediaries between the human and spirit worlds. Here they dance gracefully between tables in an expression of celebration. Come and see these spectacular performances for yourself at GOLD, where celebration is what we do.