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Vundu Camp

  • Nick Murray

    Credit: Nick Lyon
    Owner of Bushlife Safaris
  • Nick Murray with Sir David Attenborough

    Credit: Patrick Avery
  • BBC Earth film crew in Mana Pools

    Credit: Patrick Avery
    Filming the intro to Dynasties with Sir David Attenborough
  • The Murray family with Sir David Attenborough

    Credit: Patrick Avery
    Nick & Desiree Murray, with their children, Jed and Tait, with Sir David Attenborough
  • Water is provided in all the rooms

    Credit: Lana Morton
  • Vundu Camp Dinner

    Credit: Lana Morton
    Candle lit dinner beneath the stars
  • Vundu Camp Main Area

    Credit: Lana Morton
    Lounges provide relaxation space in the main area
  • Lunch is served

    Credit: Lana Morton
    Fresh salads and home baked bread
  • Elephant dust bath

    Credit: Artur Stankiewicz
  • Painted Wolf on alert

    Credit: Bret Charman
  • Impala on the run

    Credit: Vicki Jauron
  • Buffalo gathering

    Credit: Nelis Wolmarans
  • Walking Safari

    Credit: Annamaria Gremmo
    This offers you the chance to view wildlife on foot
  • Elephants in the Zambezi River

    Credit: Vicki Jauron
  • Mana Pools critters

    Credit: NG Wymin
  • Carmine Bee Eaters

    Credit: Vicki Jauron
    A very popular bird to photograph along the Zambezi River
  • Resident leopard of the Vundu area

    Credit: Vicki Jauron
  • Ceremonial greeting between painted wolves

    Credit: Vicki Jauron
  • Elephant in the Blue Forest

    Credit: Vicki Jauron

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Vundu Camp

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