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Steenberg Hotel

  • Steenberg Hotel

    Steenberg Hotel Reception Building
  • Steenberg Hotel & Spa

    Reception and Werf at Steenberg Hotel
  • Steenberg Farm

    Hike to the Steenberg Farm dam for the sunrise
  • Aerial View of Steenberg

    Aerial View of Steenberg
  • Steenberg Golf Club

    Award wining Golf Course surrounded by Vineyards and Mountains
  • Steenberg Hotel Pool Area

    Relax at the exclusive Pool Area
  • Bistro Sixteen82

    A food and wine destination on Steenberg for your senses
  • Bistro Sixteen82

    Enjoy the surrounding mountains and view while sipping on a glass of Steenberg Wine
  • Bistro Sixten82

    Dining next to Steenberg Vineyards tasting room and Cellar
  • Steenberg Vineyards

    Taste award winning Sauvignon Blanc produced by Steenberg
  • Steenberg Vineyards - Lounge Area

    Comfort Steenberg wine tasting while surrounded by mountains and reflection pools
  • Tryn

    Welcome to Tryn Restaurant
  • Tryn

    A youthful & vibrant refined dining experience
  • Tryn Restaurant

    Bar Area and Lounge
  • Experience at Steenberg Spa

  • The Relaxation Area at Steenberg Pool

    Relax in comfort next to the pool
  • Poolside Spa Treatment

    Poolside Spa Treatment
  • The Scented Garden Spa Treatment Area

    The Scented Garden Spa Treatment Area
  • Steenberg Spa - Mani and Pedi's

    Africology Copper and Hot Stone Pedicure

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Steenberg Hotel

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