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Empakai Camp

  • Empakai Crater

    Credit: lake natron camp
    A spectacular view of Empakai Crater. You can also trek down into the crater to really experience it!
  • Flower

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Beautiful flowers can be seen around Empakai
  • Trek

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Trekking down into the crater through a magical forest
  • Ancient Tree

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Ancient tree in an ancient forrest
  • Flamingos

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Flamingos flying in Empakai Crater
  • Sundowners

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Perfect spot around the camp fire
  • Trekking

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Walking inside the crater
  • Mount Lengai

    Credit: lake natron camp
    Beautiful image of Oldoinyo Lengai (Mountain of God) which can be seen throughout the whole trek
  • Bird Watching

    Credit: Lake Natron Camp
    The Great Rift Valley trek is a photographers dream!
  • Tent in the early hours of the morning

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast before heading off on the trek to Leonotis Camp
  • Bush Coffee around the camp fire

  • Dining table

  • Hot water being brought to the tent in the morning

  • Setting off from camp to Leonotis Camp

  • Porridge to keep you warm and give you energy for the day ahead!

  • Morning Wakeup call

  • Alex, our local guide, explaining about the trees, flowers, plants and animals and how the Maasai use this as local medicine

  • Lots of beautiful flowers on the way down into the crater

  • Cuddle up by the fire

  • Walking inside Empakai Crater

  • Buffalo Skull

  • Waling down into the crater and learning on the way

  • Inside the crater

  • Learning lots about flowers and plant

  • Picnic lunch in the crater

  • Flamingos inside Empakai Crater

  • Taking in the views before heading back up to camp for a nice hot shower and dinner

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Empakai Camp

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