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Las Marianas Hotel

  • Front of the hotel

    Credit: Mariana Neira
    Sun and its good vibe invades Las Marianas garden! Let´s enjoy spring season!
  • Las Marianas Loby

    Credit: Mariana Neira
    Art work every corner!
  • Buffet Breakfast

    Credit: Mariana Neira
    Lovely fun and healthy moment at Las Marianas, the famous homemade breakfast!
  • Active guests!

    Credit: Mariana Neira
    After breakfast moment ! Skiers, hikers, bikers, our guests cannot wait to enjoy the tainbackyard.
  • Parking area

    Credit: Mariana Neira
    Adventure travelers, motorbikers, four wheel drivers, all of them happy for having a safe parking space for their vehicles.
  • Triple twin room

  • Common areas

  • Breakfast corner

  • Guests book !

  • Art work

  • Livingroom

  • Corridor

  • Common area

  • Double bed room

  • Twin beded room

  • Loby

  • Breakfast area

  • Entrance

  • Twin room

  • Happy guests

  • Active guests!

  • Beautifull snowfalls

  • Breakfast light

  • Twin room

  • Crazy guests

  • Bathroom

  • View

  • After breakfast moment

  • Winter mornings

  • Fun bikers

  • Skiers!

  • Buffet Breakfast

  • Home made breakfast

  • Healthy breakfast

  • Home made cakes!