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Xaoo Safari Camp

  • Inside chalet looking out on to the walkway..

  • Walkway to Lounge Area

  • The Boma

    Evening fire place with feet in the sand
  • The Red Couch

    Sitting area Lounge
  • Pool area

    That hot Ngamiland Sun's Achilles heel..
  • Lounge

    Cozy dinner spot..
  • Lounge

    The Brown Couch
  • The Boma at Dusk..

    Fire spot
  • The River sunset

    From the Deck
  • Power plant

    Free energy from the Sun
  • Room

    Outdoor shower
  • Mokoro rides

    Traditional canoe ride through amazing river channels..
  • Relaxing

    A quick Jeiger bomb never hurt anybody...
  • Room

  • Lounge

    All day tea and coffee station
  • Pool area

    A visitor looking for a dip?
  • Ciesta

    Meal on the grass...