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Aerial View Of Otjiwa Safari Lodge Appreciate such beautiful scenery
Garden Courtyard Cool, lush refreshing greenery
Otjiwa Safari Lodge - Aerial view Another bird's eyeview of the Lodge and the nearby lake from a different perspective
Terrace Just inches from the bar, your drink taste better here
Lounge The lounge is modern and tastefully decorated
Garden Courtyard Perfect setting for a wedding
Otjiwa Safari Lodge - Chalets Enjoy the lush green, so cool and refreshing
Cocktails Enjoy cocktails as you dip into the cool sparkling pool
Restaurant Tempt your taste buds with the Chef's culinary delights
Chalets The chalets are modern and stylishly decorated
Otjiwa Safari Lodge - Surrounding aerial view A bird's eyeview of Otjiwa Safari Lodge's surroundings
Dining Area Enjoy your meals in the cosy dinining room
Otjiwa Safari Lodge - Chalets Enjoy the bushveld and beautiful sunsets from your private verandahO
Dining Area Feel instantly at home as you have supper served
Dining Area Treated like royalty as you get VIP treatment
Dining Area Dinner by candlelight
Dining Area Personal and excellent home-styled cuisine served
Solitary Eagle Otjiwa Safari Lodge, home to the majestic African fish eagle
Entrance - Otjiwa Safari Lodge A warm welcome from Otjiwa Safari Lodge
Swimming Pool Lovely evening view of the swimming pool area
Lodge Yard Reflect the day's events by the pond
Garden Courtyard Bask in the cool ambience of the garden
Boma Enjoy the 'boma' after sunset as you relax with your sundower
Camp Site Be adventurous and go camping!
Aerial View There is no getting enough of Otjiwa Safari Lodge
Camp Site Experience 'wild' in the true sense of the word
Guinea Fowls You might just encounter a family of guinea fowls
Otjiwa Safari Lodge - Aerial view What an amazing panoramic view
The Nest - kitchen Open plan kitchen & lounge
Dam Tranquility lock horns with nature
Dam Spectacular view of Otjiwa ponds
Aerial view - dam Admire the dam from a bird's eye view
Lounge Relax and read a book at leisure
Game drive During your game drive look out for herds of antelope
Game drive The ranch is a veritable treasure trove of African wildlife
Bird watching Otjiwa is home to rich birdlife
Terrace Take time to enjoy a cool refreshment on the terrace
Terrace Even group gathering is over matched
Water Fountain Jumping water feature
Water Fountain Stroll through the garden in the cool of the evening
Reception 'Welcome'
Front view A warm welcome to Otjiwa Safari Lodge
Rhino The majestic, precious white rhino
Scenic view The famous Omatako mountain view
Child Friendly Sliding with joy, fund for kids
Dam Watch the sun set as the rays play over the surface of the dam