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Big Cave Camp

  • Main view of the lodge

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    View of the lodge and Big Cave property, with the National Park in the background.
  • Leopards Lair lounge / dining area, " On the Rocks bar"

    Credit: Emily Van Rooyen
    The Leopards Lair lounge / dining room area which includes a bar area
  • Ntwane- Honeymoon suite

    Credit: Emily Van Rooyen
    Ntwane our honeymoon suite has a magnificent view across the Matobo National Park
  • Bhejane - standard twin room

    Credit: Danny
    The view from bed in the early morning from Bhejane
  • Standard twin king size bed

    Credit: Danny
    All our standard twins have king size beds, that can also be made up as two singles.
  • Ingwe family lodge bathroom

    Credit: Danny
    Ingew lodge can accommodate two adults and two children under 12 years.
  • The view from Ingwe the family lodge

    Credit: Danny
    All of the lodges have wonderful views across the Matobo National park.
  • Ntwane - honeymoon suite

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    Ntwane lodge purchases on the edge of the cliff
  • Shepherd with white rhino

    Credit: Danny
    Our qualified guides take guests on foot to see the rare white rhino in the Matobo National Park
  • Guests watching a small herd of white rhino

    Credit: Danny
    Guests approach the white rhino on foot accompanied by qualified guides
  • Rhodes Grave worlds view

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    Guests walk up to the top of Malindidzimu kopje to see the various graves, including where Rhodes is buried.
  • Whitewaters school children visit to Big Cave

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    Every year we sponsor the 16 children that have achieved the highest standards at school to a field trip.
  • Sunset sundowner drinks from outside the Leaopards Lair.

    Credit: Danny
    Every evening guests can choose their drink of choice and take it outside to watch the African sun set over the Matobo Hills
  • The natural rock pool

    Credit: Danny
    The natural rock pool is set into the rock and is a great place to relax at the end of a busy day!
  • Guests are collected from the car park by 4 x 4

    Credit: Danny
    A real thrill is to sit in the 4 x 4 and drive up the rock to the lodge at the top of the kopje
  • White rhino in Matobo National Park

    Credit: Danny
    Matobo Hills has one of the highest concentrations of white rhino in Zimbabwe
  • Whitewaters School children visiting the Natural History Museum

    Credit: Tawanda
    Every year we sponsor the top academic achievers at Whitewaters Secondary school, by taking them on an outing, and the doing educational work back at the lodge over lunch!
  • Big Cafe chefs at work!

    Credit: Danny
    We have three qualified chefs at Big Cave who produce some delicious food on a daily basis.
  • Inanke famous rock art gallery

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    Matobo Hills has one of the highest concentration of rock art anywhere in the world. The San rock art dates back several thousand years, and is in proliferation across the hills, and on the Big Cave property.
  • View across the Matobo National Park

    Credit: Rob Kamhoot
    Matobo Hills has some of the most incredible scenery
  • Dawn from the Covered Wagon kopje

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    The early hours of the day make for some of the best photography.
  • Teddy bear rock on the Big Cave property

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    Matobo Hills has some of the most astonishing balancing rock formations in the world.
  • Black Eagle flying

    Credit: Mike Waddy
    Matobo Hills has one of the highest concentrations of black eagle in the world
  • Early morning walk on Big Cave property

    Credit: Dave Waddy
    We try and offer an early morning walk from the camp on the gorgeous Big Cave Property