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San Camp

  • Elegant and impossibly romantic, San Camp's classic white tents offer 360 degree views over the sparkling salt pans.

  • Take game drives and night drives in custom built 4x4s to see the unique desert wildlife, spend time with the cheeky meerkats, and join the Zu/'hoasi Bushmen on a bushwalk.

  • Travel across the salt-crusted earth by quad-bike. The fact that you'll travel at great speed, yet arrive nowhere underlines the true immensity of this remarkable area.

  • San Camp has a reputation for delicious and innovative cuising - think fresh tomato tartlets, three-layer banana and caramel cake, and the best Beef Wellington you've ever tried.

  • Lie out on the pans as the sun sets and watch the planetarium of stars unfold.

  • Retreat to the yoga and meditation pavilion and absorb the compelling energy of your surroundings. This is the perfect spot to relax, unwind and retreat.
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