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Inkaterra La Casona


Inkaterra La Casona services reflect the ultimate in opulent privacy — pampering
guests, and anticipating their needs. Similarly, our concierge will prioritize the
individual needs of each visitor, providing an array of services that make it possible to
discover and explore the region at their whim. Our staff will suggest the best local
fare according to the wishes of our guests.

Special services:

- Movie night: Popcorn, movie, ice tea, ice cream, grilled cheese sandwich.
- Cusco Explorer Kit: Flashlight, cap, colored pencils, magnifying glass, paper
block and granola bar in a child´s back pack
- Celebration: Cake, special gift, bottle of cava, and a special greeting card in
Quechua (maximum for 4 guests)
- Cooking classes: Recipe, cooking, wine pairing, tasting.
- Payment to the Earth Ceremony: Ancient ritual for giving thanks to the
Andean gods, performed by a local shaman (maximum for 3 guests)
- Coca Leaf Reading: Know prophecies on topics such as love, work, health or

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