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Pelican Point Lodge

At Pelican Point Lodge offers you the experience of having your holiday on the semi-remote Peninsula of Pelican Point across the bay from Walvis Bay Harbour.

Experience the stunning and unique, and ever changing views as the day passes on. You'll stay in one of the 10 suites of your choice, all decorated and furnished in style & luxury. Each suite is equipped to cope with the climatic changes of the Peninsula in mind.

One to one service, scrumptious dining and privacy are guaranteed during your stay in the former Harbor control building situated at the foot of the Pelican Point Lighthouse safely guiding ships into the harbor of Walvis Bay.

You'll experience your stay surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean at one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay at the other as a truly unique setting.

Expect to hear the call of the jackal at night while they wander around the lodge, listen to the sounds of around 20000 seals interacting with each other, watch ships come and go, observing the light beams of the Lighthouse going on it roundabout at night, be amazed at the beauty of the landscape during full moon, sip cocktails or have a cup of coffee whilst observing stunning and unique sunsets and sunrises and relax to the sound of breaking waves close by.

From your bed or your private balcony you'll experience the most stunning views and unique lightshows the Namibian sky has to offer. Decoration of the rooms is made to take advantage of the views and light this unique environment has to offer.

The former harbor control tower is changed into our Captain's Cove suite to accommodate you as our esteemed guest. Fit for Kings, Captain`s and Presidents it offers absolute privacy and 360° views to enjoy the landscape from above.

The lounge and dining area will surprise you with its spectacular views whilst enjoying the social scene and dining. The huge deck will offer you the best views over the bay and the desert dunes whilst enjoying the amazing sunset light spectacle. 

Pelican Point Lodge is situated on the eco-fragile Pelican Point Peninsula and is only accessible via a 4x4 vehicle. Unescorted self-driving to the lodge is not allowed.

Pelican Point Lodge is a place to unwind and switch off from the rest of the world. Activities include among other, arrival nature drive, breakfast and romantic sundowners on the beach, kayaking between the seals, fat-biking, romantic sunset cruises that are offered by the lodge to enjoy this extraordinary destination.

When arrival and departure excursions as well as activities are booked directy through Pelican Point Lodge, all start and end at Pelican Point Lodge hence no transfer costs nor valuable holiday are wasted as opposed to guests being transferred from town where activities usually start and end. By having organized all activities via Pelican Point Lodge, we can keep the high-end quality of service to our guests in line with what they will experience at the lodge.

Pelican Point Lodge is situated on the tip of the Pelican Point Peninsula, in the Dorob National Park, and is therefore in the epic centre with all Marine focussed activities the Namibian Skeleton Coast has to offer.

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