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La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety


The Rio Grande is arguably the finest fishing destination in the world in terms of reliability and the remarkable average size of fish. There are some 100 pools within this stretch and the finest of them can be found roughly in the centre of 35 miles within the Estancia Maria Behety.

The fishing in Tierra del Fuego is world-renowned and for very good reason. Located at the southern most tip of the continent, this area is home to the monster sea trout which have spawned many a legend. It is not only the huge size of these trout that entice anglers back year after year but also the prolific numbers that are landed. A sea trout of 10lbs at home is something to write letters about, in Tierra del Fuego the same fish would be released with barely a remark.

Ensuring a very private experience for everyone, fishing guests from La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety and the neighbouring lodges use alternate sections of the river each day.

Each two anglers are assigned a guide and vehicle. No more than six anglers will fish the premier pools of the lower Rio Grande from La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety. These pools fill with chrome bright, sea-lice covered sea trout with each high tide, twice a day. These pools are absolutely perfect for anglers that enjoy fishing double handed rods with the best of the fishing usually in the morning, late afternoon and evening until dusk.

There are three guides on the river, all of whom are superb and have an excellent grasp of English.

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For the wildlife enthusiast the Tierra del Fuego is a great place to spot many different species of animals, both native, such as the Magellenic woodpecker, Black Chested Buzzard eagle, albatross, Steamer ducks, and Red fox as well as introduced species such as the North American beaver and European rabbit.

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La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety

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