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Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve

Welcome to Cheetah Plains Exclusive Villa's

Welcome to Cheetah Plains, home of the definitive exclusive-use luxury sustainable safari in South Africa’s most celebrated wildlife area, the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve. Exclusively yours, our Villa's play host to your private safari experience of a lifetime.

A bold departure from its humble safari lodge beginnings, Cheetah Plains has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Today, it is a beacon to the eco-luxe safari set and a collaborative expression of South Africa’s rich heritage.

Each of the three exclusive-use Villa's at Cheetah Plains accommodates a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 guests per house, offering you and your safari companions the ultimate safari experience in the splendid Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

A sophisticated, innovative eco-luxe safari experience for the modern age.

Private exclusive-use Villa's, each exquisitely appointed, boast a formal lounge, living room, dining area, expansive sun deck, heated swimming pool, wine gallery, chef’s kitchen and sumptuous Private Suites. Booking a Cheetah Plains Villa secures an exclusively private safari experience all to yourself.

Pioneering the silent safari and driving a singular approach to renewable energy in hospitality in the wild, Cheetah Plains is a carbon negative lodge of unrivalled quality, committed to delivering an exceptional eco-luxury safari experience of the highest standards in South Africa’s most celebrated wildlife area, the Sabi Sand.


Cheetah Plains’ prime location delivers a prolific safari experience facilitated by the natural movement of wildlife over this vast land, fiercely protected under conservation and actively monitored. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint while contributing to the green economy.

Sabi Sand Nature Reserve exists to protect, preserve and promote a remarkable part of the Greater Kruger National Park’s open ecosystem. We’re committed to the sustainable management of this pristine wilderness area and to working with our community partners to create meaningful opportunities.


Leading the way in the Sabi Sand, Cheetah Plains has partnered with some of the world’s most pre-eminent minds in the renewable energy field to provide clean energy solutions that drive both our hospitality and safari experiences.

All of our guest accommodation, three villas and twelve private guest suites, operate entirely off grid.

Harnessing only the power of solar to provide a reliable, renewable energy source, Cheetah Plains sits in a carbon-negative scenario. The offsets, largely from conversion to solar combined with the relatively small number of beds, play a significant role in creating our positive position.

By staying at Cheetah Plains, guests can off-set part of their footprint.


Our twice-daily game drives are led by best-in-class safari guide and tracker teams and taken in our innovative Land Cruiser Electric Safari Vehicles. This bold advance toward zero-emission game viewing is what drives our sustainable safari experience at Cheetah Plains.

These vehicles drive on average 32,000 kilometres (19,884 miles) a year while producing zero carbon emissions.

The average 4x4 travelling the same distance would emit over 7,000 kilogrammes (15,432 pounds) of CO2.


The adoption of electric vehicles powered by solar energy together with our recycling initiatives from water to waste management effectively mitigates more than 581 tonnes (640 tons) of CO2 emissions annually. To put it into perspective, this reduction is equivalent to the environmental impact of over 20,000 trees.


By developing a solar plant which includes the installation of 1205 solar PV panels on the rooftops, as well as three Dual-axis PV solar trackers which follow the sun for the optimal input, our total solar installation generates an average of 550MWh per annum which is an offset of approximately 530 Tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.


Part of a community waste management initiative, the lodge waste is divided and collected bi-weekly by a local community operative that makes a living in re-using, recycling and upcycling materials.

In 2023 Cheetah Plains is facilitating a community knitting project to educate and upskill ladies in the area to knit beanies and scarves for Shari’s boutique.


Discover Shangaan culture though a guided visit to the local village of Utah to learn about the rich heritage of one of South Africa’s diverse tribes through traditions that weave the history of the land and environment through their customs.


Committed to community upliftment and creating local employment we constructed the Lezagwa Utah Community Crèche in 2019. This facility supports the employment of teachers and assistants that care for over 60 children between 6 months and 5 years old and is the main centre of area for local early childhood development.

We actively fundraise for special projects and initiatives that will improve the facility.

Direct donations are channelled and documented for those who wish to support. In 2023 these projects include security fencing, the purchase of a photocopy machine and educational materials.

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