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Etosha National Park Game Drive

Located just 9 km from the Mushara Collection, Etosha National Park is a magnificent game reserve in the northern part of Namibia, covering a vast area of 22,270 km². If you're a wildlife enthusiast, this park is a must-visit destination as it is home to dozens of mammal and reptile species, several amphibian species, and over 300 bird species.

It's the perfect place to witness Namibia's greatest daily wildlife dramas unfold. Joining a game drive with Mushara's experienced and enthusiastic guides, you can learn about the Etosha pan, the flora and fauna, and the diverse animal species that roam the park. The game viewing vehicles are designed to withstand any weather condition, providing a spacious and comfortable ride with 360-degree unobstructed views from elevated seats. Thanks to the guides' up-to-date information on game movements, they have a high success rate for spotting game, ensuring your visit is a truly memorable experience.

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