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Mara Plains Camp


(5 rooms)

The camp is nestled in lush forest on the meandering bends of the Ntiakitiak River, and careful thought was given to every detail. The camp is not an imposition on the landscape, but rather a subtle refuge among the wild. The camp’s main area takes your breath away; positioned just so, the horizon lies ahead, punctuated by a single acacia tree. It’s the Africa of the mind’s eye. Flanking the main mess area is the library, an area to enjoy a quiet afternoon passing the time reading books or editing photographs. Flowing fabrics, open-air spaces and strong teak structures ground the space.

Each of the seven tents has deep canvas canopied ceilings, rough hewn wood floors and accents of East Africa’s rich safari history. Thick Lamu wood doors, deep purples, and brass accents – these small details transport guests to a time and land far away. The well-appointed en-suite facilities (including a deep copper bath) plus the extensive private verandah complete what is genuinely a stunning concept. These stylistic elements coupled with thoughtful environmental elements such as solar power and an absence of cement make Mara Plains is a modern-day safari retreat. Tents 1 & 2 share a deck and can act as a family unit. Tents 4 & 7 can serve as honeymoon tents. Tents 5 and 6 are most suitable for guests with limited mobility. Tents 3 & 5 is closest to the main area with minimal steps and a banister.

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Mara Plains Camp

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