Situated on the east coast of Africa, this tropical paradise is blessed with 2500 kilometres of spectacular coastline. With its idyllic beaches fringed with palm trees and lapped by crystal-clear waters brimming with a dazzling array of marine life, this enchanting African nation is an ideal adventure holiday destination, with an abundance of activities on offer such as snorkelling, sunset cruises, horse-riding, dolphin tours and world-renowned scuba diving. Mozambique’s two major centres, Maputo and Inhambane, offer an exotic kaleidoscope of art, music and delicious local food as well as a lively nightlife scene. Spend your days immersing yourself in the fascinating local culture, marvelling at the impressive colonial architecture and interacting with the fabulously friendly local inhabitants. Those seeking a more remote getaway can head for the isolated beaches of Benguerra Island; the historic Portuguese and Muslim architecture of Mozambique Island; or the outstanding wildlife of Gorongosa National Park. However, you choose to spend your time in this exceptionally scenic destination you are likely to leave with a heavy heart and a burning desire to return time and time again.

Banking and Currency

Local currency: Mozambican Metical 
Symbol: MT 
ISO code: MZN 
Subunit: Centavo (1/100 of a Metical) 
Banknotes: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 meticais 
Coins: 1, 2, 5, 10 meticais 

Card Transactions: Widely accepted in major cities 
ATMs: Yes 
Mastercard: Yes 
Visa: Yes 
American Express: No 
Diner’s club: No 
Banking Hours: Weekdays: 07:30 – 15:30, Weekends: Closed, Public Holidays: Closed 
Foreign exchange services: Yes

Travel, Transport and Getting Around

Main airlines: LAM Mozambique Airlines 
International Airports: Maputo International Airport 
Domestic Airports: Beira Airport, Nampula Airport 

Driving on the: Left 
Tar roads: Yes, mainly in urban areas 
Gravel roads: Yes, common in rural areas 
Valid International Driver's License needed: Yes 
Car hire available: Yes 
Taxis: Yes 
E-hailing services: Yes, in major cities 

Inter-city bus services: Yes 
Local city bus networks: Yes 

Railway system: Yes, limited service 
Subway System: No 

Ferries: Yes, to the Bazaruto Archipelago 
Water taxis: No 
Leisure cruises: Yes 

Food, Drink and Cuisine Advice

Food and water safety: 
Can you drink the tap water: No 
Fresh fruit and veg: Yes, if washed 
Ice: No 
Meat: Yes, if cooked thoroughly 
Street food: Yes, from reputable vendors 

Local cuisine: 
Mozambican cuisine is a delicious blend of African, Portuguese, and Arab influences. Seafood is a staple, especially prawns, served with piri-piri sauce. Coconut, lime, and spices enrich dishes like Matapa, a stew made with cassava leaves and nuts. Corn porridge (Xima) is a common side. 

Drinks: Notable local drinks include Laurentina and 2M beers, and Tipo Tinto rum. 
Tipping: 10% is customary in restaurants. 

Climate and Weather

Annual rainfall: Varies greatly, from 500 mm in the south to 900 mm in the north 
Average temperature: 28°C 

Average highs: 31°C 
Average lows: 24°C 

Average highs: 25°C 
Average lows: 18°C 

Best time to visit: 
The best time to visit Mozambique is from May to November during the dry season when temperatures are cooler and there is less humidity, making it ideal for wildlife viewing and beach holidays. 

Clothing and Dress Recommendations

Spring and Summer 
Cool, light, breathable and comfortable: Yes 
Lightweight warm clothes: No 

Winter and Autumn 
Jerseys, cardigans, sweaters, jackets: Recommended 
Heavyweight clothing and boots: No 

Umbrella and raincoat: Yes, during the rainy season 
Warm gloves, hat and scarf: No 
Swimming costume (bathing suit): Yes 
Hat, sunglasses, and sunblock: Yes 
Walking shoes: Yes 
Casual: Yes 
Smart-casual attire: Yes 

Internet Availability

Internet cafes: Yes 
Accommodation options: Yes, in major cities and tourist areas 
Restaurants: Yes, in major cities 
Cafes: Yes, in major cities 
Shopping malls: Yes, in major cities 
Public parks: No 
Libraries: Yes, in major cities 

Electricity and Plug Standards

Plug Type: C, F, M 
Voltage (V): 220 V 
Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz 

*Travel plug adapter and voltage converter might be necessary depending on your appliances. 

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