Terms and Conditions

Itinerary Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Safari Professionals and our representatives agree to work for you in the making of reservations and/or other arrangements with travel service providers on the following terms: We do not own, manage, control, or operate any of the travel service providers with whom we make your travel arrangements. We serve as agents for certain travel service providers, including Airlines Corporation carriers and in-country operators and we make your travel arrangements with these travel service providers in accordance with their terms and conditions. Should you have any questions concerning those, please contact either the travel service provider or Safari Professionals. All coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets issued by us or a travel service provider are subject to applicable tariffs as well as any terms or conditions imposed by the travel services provider. We are not responsible for events of force majeure including disease, acts of war, terrorist attacks, unfavorable weather conditions, earthquakes, political instability or for inadequate visas or passports. Any and all controversies, claims or disputes of any nature arising before, on and after the date of this agreement and claims brought by or against the client, this travel agency, or a third party, shall be settled by a single arbitrator in Davidson County, North Carolina in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. You acknowledge that this agreement involves interstate commerce. Our sole knowledge and the expertise on which you may rely are in the making of travel arrangements. In the case of all travel arrangements the contract in use by the provider of such transportation or lodging, shall constitute the sole contract between the passenger and such travel supplier. Safari Professionals reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the safari prior to departure and to decline to accept or retain any person as a participant of the safari if their actions impose upon or disturb the other participants of the safari. The right is also reserved to amend the itinerary should it be found necessary for the benefit of the participants of the safari or for other reasons. Safari Professionals may take photographs or video of its safaris and safari travelers, and safari travelers grant Safari Professionals express permission to do so and for Safari Professionals to use such for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation therefor. By accepting these travel arrangements, you confirm that you have read this agreement and understand that it is the sum total of our agreement with you and supersedes all prior arrangements or understandings. This agreement cannot be changed except in writing and signed by Thomas LaRock or Samuel Kanakanui.

CANCELLATION: All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits generally cover the costs of canceling the services already booked, if the cancellation is received in our office no later than 120 days prior to arrival. If the fees charged by our suppliers exceed the deposit, an extra charge may apply.

Cancellations received in our office 120 days prior to arrival are subject to cancellation fees of 100% of the safari price. Refunds for any services that are voluntarily not used will not be issued.

HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS: To enjoy your travels to the fullest, you should be in good physical and mental health. Any physical disability requiring special attention or treatment must be reported in writing to Safari Professionals when the reservation is made. Safari Professionals reserves the right to refuse or revoke travel to anyone who is, in the sole judgment of Safari Professionals, in such physical or mental condition as to be incapable of group travel or who may require care and attention beyond that which Safari Professionals can provide.

To assist you in preparing to make the most of your safari, you will receive a detailed personal Safari Guidebook after you register for your safari. We strongly recommend you read it thoroughly when you receive it and, again, a few weeks before your departure. You may call us at any time for answers to your questions.

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