Napo Wildlife Center 6 Days



  • The Napo Wildlife Centre is a luxury eco-lodge boasting an amazing location inside Yasuni National Park, the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet, and a protected UNESCO biosphere site.
  • In just one Yasuni hectare, one can find more species of organisms than in the entire European continent! The national park is home to a third of all Amazonian mammals, including a staggering 60% of all New World wild cats, 106 reptiles, and 610 species of bird; as well as more than 4000 species of plants.
  • The concept and construction of the lodge are the brainchild of the Anangu Quichua community who now own 100% of the lodge, so all tour proceeds are re-invested into the community. It is universally recognised as a blueprint for community-based tourism projects.
  • The Napo Wildlife Center lodge has been constructed in natural indigenous style, with luxury accommodation, ample social areas, and a 50 foot wildlife viewing tower.
  • It has built up such a good reputation that both the New York Times and the BBC have visited the site to run nature reports / documentaries.

Short itinerary:

  • DAY 1: Journey to lodge from Coca by motorised canoe, with box lunch and wildlife spotting on route. Dinner at lodge.
  • DAY 2: Visit to canopy observations tower for bird watching. Afternoon forest hike to discover the rainforest ecosystem with your guide.
  • DAY 3: Morning visit to the Yasuní parrot clay lick. Afternoon visit to the local Añangu Kichwa community. Dinner at lodge.
  • DAY 4: Trek the “guangana trail” for wildlife spotting. Afternoon navigation to Añangucocha.
  • DAY 5: All day trek along the Tiputini Trail searching for Tamarins, Capuchin & Squirrel monkeys, or other wildlife. OR motor canoe trip into Añangu territory & free afternoon at lodge.
  • DAY 6: A Return journey to Coca with wildlife spotting opportunities along the way in the dugout canoe.

Accommodation and Destinations

FB+ 5 nights Days 1 - 6


FB+: Full Board Plus - Dinner, Bed, Breakfast, Lunch and Activities


Fast Facts

Fast Facts

6 Days / 5 Nights

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