Barbados, de parel van de Caraïben!



The easternmost of the Caribbean islands, Barbados is a traveller’s paradise blessed with lush vegetation, friendly people, superb dining and idyllic palm-fringed beaches - wild and windswept on the south and east, pristine and tranquil on the north and west. Once a British colonial outpost, and much of this history is reflected in the nation’s architecture, street names, and passion for cricket. There’s an enormous amount to see and do on Barbados: Take a jeep safari to the untamed east coast, known for its world class surfing, or head to the rugged southern coast, where secluded coves are hugged by craggy cliffs. If you prefer calmer , the north and west coast will be your thing, powder-fine white-sand shores melting into serene bays perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown, has excellent shopping and sightseeing, while the island’s relatively flat interior is dotted with beautiful gardens, verdant nature reserves, glittering caverns, and breathtaking viewpoints.

Saint James

Dagen 1 - 8

Set amidst the towering palm trees, sun-bleached shores, and crystal-clear waters of magical Barbados’ Carribean Sea coastline, Saint James is a serene parish boasting some of the most pristine surroundings. Known to be the island’s bustling centre, this charming hamlet is home to an array of lovely boutique stores, fine-dining restaurants, and several spectacular golf courses. History enthusiasts can enjoy the many interesting attractions, including the ancient St. James Parish Church; the charming Holetown Methodist Church; the commemorative Holetown Monument; and the famed Portvale Sugar Factory. Nature-lovers should take a stroll through the beautiful landscapes of the Petrea Gardens or explore the marine and coral-filled waters of the wondrous Folkestone Marine Park. With scenic kayaking adventures, magnificent snorkelling tours, and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, Saint James is a true natural paradise.

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